Hugot Climb – A Valentine’s Day Special

People have different views with regards to love; whatever it may be, there’s one truth behind everyone’s heartache – LOVE HURTS WHEN GOD KNOWS YOU DESERVE SOMEONE ELSE. -Marj


Mainstream is boring. That’s the reason why my troops and I decided to deviate from the usual celebration of Valentine’s Day. Instead of embracing the commercialized occasion in cafés, restaurants and parks, we decided to climb another mountain in the western part of Cebu – Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog respectively. The sole goal of this activity is to celebrate the wonders of nature and the perks of being single; however, we were much surprised with the outcome when we reached the vicinity. Aside from the unexpected rain and storm-like wind, we were able to get to know more about our fellow single travelers and somehow formed a bond with each other because of the HUGOT LINES shared by almost everyone.

Here are the top 14 Hugot Lines shared during the climb that somehow helped us forget the coldnesss brought by the insane weather condition and the muddy and rocky trails we had taken.


Sooner or later, the flowers will dry, chocolates will be eaten, and the stuff toys will get flabby but the experiences and memories we had during our climb will forever stay in our hearts. To cut it short, MAY FOREVER SA KABUNDUKAN!


How’s your Valentine’s Day? Share it to us!


  1. Haha niceee! Not so into mainstream celebration na pud lately. Sa balay ra mi usually cooking and movies. No flowers ug chocs na pud kay ga mahal2 ra! Hahaha! Will try trekking next time! Hehe Freelancers mo tanan or usa ka trekking group? Hehe

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