Finding Dory: A Traveler’s Reflection

chasing“When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you’ve got to do?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” -Dory

Do you know that feeling when you really want to get something but you can’t? It’s like trying to reach your back which is so itchy but you can’t or answering a test in Algebra but you studied Trigonometry. Frustrated. Yes, that’s the right word. I have been totally frustrated these past few weeks. I have not been out for almost two months and it is totally frustrating. Wait, did I repeat it again – the word frustrating? Frustrating, right? WAHAHAHAAHA. :D :D :D

Photo by: Chasing Potatoes

I felt so hopeless. No time to travel. No usual acquaintance to go out with (Click here to know why). No money to finance travel leisure. But God is amazing. He works in ways you can’t imagine. I recently posted on my dreams as a child on “If I were” and who would have thought that I could be a child again and answer my literary dreams.


Yesterday, I got a chance to read Finding Dory book. Yes, I know, it’s a children’s book but if there’s one thing I noticed about children’s movie is that they are actually more for adults – to remind them that we don’t need to stop dreaming, to keep our passion to do the things we love, and to show to our loved ones that they really matter. Here are some lessons that the book has taught me.

QUOTE1: What is good about plans? I never had a plan. I never planned to meet you. But look what we are right now.

Photo by: Chasing Potatoes

QUOTE2: No, we’re not yet done with travels. Not until life is over.

Photo by: Chasing Potatoes

QUOTE3: There’s always a way.


Photo by: Chasing Potatoes

QUOTE4: Something deep inside that feels so familiar that you have to listen to it – like a song you’ve always known.

Photo by: Chasing Potatoes

Probably, God didn’t be in the outdoors for quite some time to give me time to rest, think things over, and spend more time with my family. Being a traveler and adventurer does not necessarily mean that we have to be in the outdoors always; instead, we have to give time to ourselves to breathe and reflect on what has recently happened throughout the journeys we have taken.

PS: Special thanks to Chasing Potatoes for the awesome pictures. Visit her site for more scuba diving adventures. Thanks for dropping by! :) :) :)