Love Story: A Christmas Treat for an Unrequited Love


“You who love someone else… I love you.”

This is not a book review. I don’t write those kinds of things. And I’m poor at writing one. Truth is, I couldn’t help myself but put into words what I’m feeling after reading Sonia Francesca’s book titled Love Story. The book has just too much feels. It’s difficult to ignore it.

Those who are following this blog can attest how hopelessly addicted I am with books and anime. I don’t usually post about the things I read and watch here but when I really feel like sharing, I do some entries from time to time like Naruto: A Tribute to Childhood and How did I spend my Sunday. My addiction to such stuff eventually regressed upon falling in love with the realities of life learned from traveling and climbing mountains. But I didn’t change. Maybe a bit, but my love for reading books and manga has always been here with me.

Aside from observing people in the airport while waiting for my flight, I usually spend my waiting time reading books. I remembered being in Palawan that day. Our flight has been delayed twice before the officials finally canceled it and rescheduled us in the afternoon. It was eight in the morning and our flight would still be at six. We were too tired to go around Puerto Princesa since we have been traveling for six days from Coron to El Nido before reaching our current destination. And so my troops and I decided to drop by the mall to grab some food and something to make us busy. That is when I found the book written by one of my high school favorites – Love Story.


Love Story is actually a typical romantic comedy novel about a girl named Cherie who unintentionally fell for a Korean guy named Gang Phil who is also in love with Cherie’s friend, Su Mi. And just like any other cliché love story, they ended together even if the family of Gang Phil opposed to their relationship as it is against their tradition. The story has long ended and the book that I once purchased, reread, and maltreated has been consumed by the fire that devoured our house three years ago. But something happened…

While hovering around Facebook, I found out that the author decided to extend the original story. Intrigued, I tried visiting the nearby bookstore to find out if it’s already available. But it’s not. Due to my current addiction with traveling and going to the mountains, I forgot about the book. Until last weekend, while strolling around the mall and looking for something to wear for the company Christmas party, I found the book that has been long buried at the back of my mind.

 The first chapters of the book were actually similar to the original one. But the main character’s point of view suddenly changed in the middle. And the ending has been tweaked. Instead of focusing on the main characters of the story, the author opened the doors for the reader to get to know new characters which has greatly affected the revised story. And it answered one of the many questions I often ask after reading a certain story: What happened to the people whom the main characters didn’t choose to fall in love with? What happens after the ending? How do they go on with their lives?

I have written a post about those climbers who stopped going to the mountains and travelers who have surrendered to family life. It’s sad – leaving the very thing that keeps you alive, the very thing that gives meaning to your life. But probably as we go on with life, we slowly realize that if God didn’t give us what we so dearly wanted, He has better plans in mind. We just have to be patient. We just have to keep out faith. Because once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a miracle. And more often than not, the best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Similarly, the best travel experience comes when the original plan fails and the real adventure begins.


Whoever you are, where you are, whatever you are going through right now… I hope you can find time to read this story. I tell you, it’s more than just the ordinary. *wink*

Merry Christmas!

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