Mountaineering is Dangerous to your Heart

Heart-shaped pool along Kabang Trail to Sirao Peak (c) Dakilanglaagan

As early as grade school we were taught about symbolism – from the colors of the flag to the school’s seal then to those crappy literary pieces that we have to analyze and interpret. Eventually, we then learned that behind those beautifully crafted “happy endings” hides a brutal, mind-boggling, and thrilling chapters left untold by the author. And while there’s no mention of them within the context, teachers taught us that figures were there to signal their presence. No, I have nothing against developing the critical thinking skills of the students by doing all those aforementioned things; however, our teachers forgot to teach us one valuable thing: to not take ALL things figuratively. Hence, we started to liken reading between the lines.

Judas Campsite
To New Zealand we go.
Sirao Peak Campsite

Hiking brings people from different walks of life together. Whether you’re traveling solo or joining a group, in the long run, you’d meet people who’d spark some interest in you. And like a thief in the night, you’ll never see it coming. But eventually you’d feel an untoward comfort upon those accidental meeting of the eyes, those “unintentional” holding of the hands as you help each other in crossing those rivers, and those heartfelt laughs as you exchange jokes of all colors on your way to the summit. As the hike commences, your face lightens as you hear that familiar voice. Your lips sealed a giddy smile as you savor those shared trail food. Your heart palpitates as you walk down the trail while that person awaits for you at the end of the assault – like an uphill aisle as you imagine Canon in D… or Thousand Years being played in the background.


Crazy, but then you begin to imagine more hikes together, more blissful moments together, even though you kept cursing why’d you join such activity at first. And as if heavens have heard the whims of your heart, another hiking activity has been formed and this time, you were invited. Ultimately, interactions became more frequent. You’re not acknowledging it, but your poor heart started to expect something more.


But as the story progressed, you’d feel that what you had was another case of an unrequited love. You will start to find fault, you will start to feel disheartened. So you’d pray to the mountains, you’d fish for sympathy from dear friends and the not so dear ones, you’d demand for an explanation.


But you see, there is no need for an explanation. There was no case to begin with. You just assumed things.


So the next time you go hiking, please remember not to take things figuratively. This is in no way a test of symbolisms. Some people are just purely kind hearted – don’t put meaning on it. Do not read between the lines because you’d only find empty spaces there. In the words of Marcelo Santos III: Do not assume unless otherwise stated. Follow you heart but… tag along your brain please.


I hope to still see you on trails. Mountaineering is dangerous to your heart, but at the same time… the thing that usually hurts you the most… is the same thing that can heal it.


PS. I know you won’t agree with most of what is written here. Easy to say, difficult to do. HAHAHAHA. So feel free to start a debate down below. I’d be more than willing to engage in a healthy argument. HAHAHAHA.

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