A Whole Day of Gossip – and Why It’s Good for Mental Health

A whole Day of Gossip and Why It's Good for Your Mental Health

Like what Ms. Stacy said to Anne Shirley-Cuthbert (Anne with an ‘E’), I should have been writing about the perils of gossip today. But after a whole day of talking endlessly with friends yesterday, I couldn’t find anything toxic about it. What I found instead were affirmations – that my cries and outbursts were valid.

Gossip has always been considered an unethical phenomenon but surprisingly, according to research, it has its bright sides1 and despite its reputation, it can be welfare enhancing.2 Gossip goes beyond its negative connotation. In some cases, it can provide a venue for conversations on thoughts and feelings about a situation and how it affects the people involved – and even those who are looking from the outside.

This pandemic has prohibited us from engaging in meaningful conversations with people. Despite the numerous messaging and video conferencing apps made available these days, nothing can replace physical interaction. As Ko Mun-yeong of the award-winning K-drama series, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, puts it: you have to tell someone in order to relieve your stress.

There are just too many undiscussed and undisclosed emotions left lurking inside us in this time of the pandemic. The future has become more and more uncertain. And through these difficult times of fighting silent battles, it’s good to have people who can resonate with your woes and celebrate whatever little milestone you’ve accomplished.

Aside from salary compensation, I think one of the most essential factors considered by people when deciding whether to stay or not in a company are the colleagues you have worked with. I’ll always be grateful for the people who have helped me grow and be the person I am at present. It sure took a lot of patience, understanding, and testing the waters.

And as we continue with the pages (and new chapters) of our lives, I hope we meet more people who will be happy with our decisions (and indecisions), understand our shortcomings, teach us to be more faithful, and inspire us to make bolder decisions in life.

Until our next huddle.


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