Yes, it’s good to be efficient, fast but still, there’s wisdom in taking things one step at a time. Because more than anything else, life is not a race and safety should always be a priority. Probably it’s tiring to wait. Maybe I have to lengthen my patience and practice dismissing the negative thoughts that are constantly playing on my mind. Because when God gives it later than what we expected, maybe it’s really worth it.


HAMBUBUYOG: Stereotypes of Women on Adventure

To all women out there, I pray that you’ll finally find your courage to speak out, reach out, and show to the world that you are more than just someone made to stay at home and do the household chores or run errands. Remember, God created women from the ribs of Adam – not from his head to be on top of him or from his feet to be trampled upon but from one of his ribs to protect his one and only heart and to be beside him in whatever endeavor that will come along.



The mountains have become an essential part of my life. They have taught me lessons that no amount of restructuring of the curriculum can teach. They have given me a number of acquaintances to connect and friends to keep for life. They have helped me widen my horizons and better understand people and situations. But more than these significant moments, the mountains shaped me into the person I am right now – risk-taker, courteous, respectful, firm, and free.



Yes, it’s sad when the people you thought you’d be spending your crazy and memorable days with will leave you. But rest assured, God has graciously opened the windows for you to see other people who’d be willing to join you as you continue your own journey. You’ll be meeting new friends, discovering new horizons and pursue grander ambitions. But more than anything else, on this new journey, you’d find yourself. I’ll find myself. And I hope that in this new journey, I’d be blessed to meet and set forth to an adventure with you!

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If I could convert into money the happiness and contentment I am feeling right now, I probably would end up on the list of Forbes Magazine. Sad to say, experience is as intangible as earning millions for my kind. But if there’s one thing that travelling has taught me, it is to be contented with what I have and what life has to offer. I have learned to embrace the inevitable circumstances and become pliant with all the adversities in hand.


10 Types of people you will meet when hiking

Aside from the view and the experience, one thing that I always look forward to upon hiking or trekking is getting to know more about people and sharing stories of adventures and travels with them. I have come to meet a lot of people and what makes it amazing is that each one has a unique characteristic that somehow adds up to the spice of laughters, tease, bullying, and misadventures during the whole duration of the trip.



I hope you’ll soon find the love of your life. It may not be me, but I know she’ll be the right one for you. You’re a good person and I know God has prepared somebody of your worth. I pray that you can help more individuals with your kindness and aid in the preservation of our mountains and bodies of water.



Mainstream is boring. That’s the reason why my troops and I decided to deviate from the usual celebration of Valentine’s Day. Instead of embracing the commercialized occasion in cafés, restaurants and parks, we decided to climb another mountain in the western part of Cebu – Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog respectively. The sole goal of this activity is to celebrate the wonders of nature and the perks of being single; however, we were much surprised with the outcome when we reached the vicinity. Aside from the unexpected rain and storm-like wind, we were able to get to know more about our fellow single travelers and somehow formed a bond with each other because of the HUGOT LINES shared by almost everyone.


MT. MACULOT: Why do we climb mountains?

My dad looked at me intently. He didn’t agree with most of what I explained to him but his disposition told me that I have his blessing. I’m old enough. I need to face my own challenges, follow my dreams, and be the captain of my ship. But the most important thing that I should always need to keep in mind is his constant reminder to us, his children: Fix your own mess and come back safe.


MT. KAN-IRAG: Perks of Traveling in Groups

Truth be told, I don’t have a friendly disposition. I am usually mistaken as somebody who’s mad at life, problematic, or worse, constipated bitch with how I look like. Probably, this is the reason why I don’t have a big circle of friends. I am not a people-pleaser either. I don’t force myself to individuals who make me feel that my presence is unwelcomed; but this I tell you:  I am easy to be with, crazy most of the time, and will never get tired of telling and listening to stories and adventures – include there the drama, failures, childish decisions, and anything that can be shared under the stinging hot rays of the sun. I was solid with the thought that I don’t need a lot of friends in order to survive, but the more I travel, the more life has taught me that there’s more to life than solitude.

The Perks of Being a Single Adventurer

During our rock climbing session on one of the highest peaks in El Nido, Palawan where one can see the whole area of the renowned tourist destination, we had this unusual conversation and debate with our tour guide Gilbert on the midst of our journey. With me were my travel buddies Badeth, Wilma and her boyfriend Agustine. The actual session took only forty-five minutes (depending on the pacing) on the way up and another forty-five minutes on the way down. The road was rough, the edges of the rocks that are used in climbing are too sharp and pointy, and to add more spice and challenge to this activity, we were only wearing flip-flops. Yes, you’ve read it right. We were wearing beach sandals. Just imagine how slippery it went for us. However, this entry will not focus on how stupid we are on wearing those kinds of footwear but on the advantages and disadvantages of being single and being in a relationship while on a trip.

Osmeña Peak: Conquering greater heights

Normal is too mainstream; and mainstream is capital BORING. While most people would love to spend their semestral breaks on beaches, malls, cafes and parks, born with adventure in mind, I spent the remains of my happy and free days at Cebu’s highest peak – Osmeña Peak. I have been totally curious about the place since this has been always compared to the trek we had in Argao. In addition to that, I really felt the need to unravel the place since this has been part of my topic on the famous land forms in class. The place remained a mystery for quiet sometime. I had it resting at the back of my mind, hoping someday, someone would take courage to bring me to that place; and God didn’t fail me.