When Narra trees bloom…

Walking has brought me to a thousand different places – even if I’ve been trailing the same road every day. No, this ain’t astral projection, nor was I summoned by Dr. Strange. There’s just something with walking that brings one a step forward to a different dimension far noticed by commuting passengers. Today, it brought me somewhere in between nostalgia and regret. … More When Narra trees bloom…

The Real Horrors of Night Trekking  

The more you experience the outdoors, the more you’ll crave for more – more challenges, more adventure. As if long dayhikes are not enough, Epifanio came up with another crazy idea over the weekday: to hike at night our beloved Spartan Trail. Though I have been familiar with such trail and have experience three days of total darkness inside the country’s largest caving system, just the thought of the trail’s eeriness made me feel hesitant. Imagine, the canopied trails and river system already seemed disturbing at daytime, how much more at night? But well, wild hearts are difficult to tame. … More The Real Horrors of Night Trekking  

Mercury was right, Fortune favors the Bold

I have been eyeing on watching “Bohemian Rhapsody” after its release. But opportunity have been dodging me for quite some time. On the last day of its show, I chanced upon a perfect schedule to finally watch it on a nearby cinema. But the weather didn’t cooperate and vehicles suddenly went scarce.  Defeated, I tried to console myself by taking a stroll. … More Mercury was right, Fortune favors the Bold

Kamote Club Campfire: The Story of Love and Friendship

Love was too broken and wary to settle for another kind of relationship. So she built high walls and closed her doors that no one can penetrate. But a stranger came bearing the name of Friendship. He persistently knocked on her doors. He didn’t force his way in because Friendship does not work that way. … More Kamote Club Campfire: The Story of Love and Friendship