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Lessons Learned in Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! – And the Memories of the Games We Used to Play

Watching Haikyu!! brought back those years. The crazy energy. The drive. The willingness to practice. The team. So nostalgic. It was the answer to Kei Tsukishima’s question on the first season of the series: if it was just a club activity, why spend so much energy and put your heart into it?

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Outdoor Brand you've probably Mispronounced

How to properly pronounce Outdoor Gear Brands

Have you ever wondered if you’re pronouncing properly the brand names of your outdoor gear and equipment? With so many foreign brands in the market, (and ukay-ukay) it’s quite interesting to find out if you are giving justice to the names that have saved you through the coldest nights, helped you nourish the needs of your body, and made your outdoor experience worth the while.
While we don’t usually give a fuss about this because we often laugh our way out, I guess it’s best that we save ourselves from Nazis out there and learn how to properly pronounce the outdoor gear that we are using.