Mt. Naupa - The Best Camping Site in Cebu

Mt. Naupa – The Best Camping Site in Cebu

I know my boss is tired of reminding me to never make unverified claims but Mt. Naupa is such a great hiking and camping destination – that describing it anything less than ‘best’ would be an understatement.

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What are the highest mountains in the Philippines?

What are the Top 10 Highest Mountains in the Philippines?

The more mountains you climb in the Philippines, the more you are inspired to go higher and farther. How many times have we heard that ‘where to go next?’ praise after cursing the trails with regrets and bombarding the guide with ‘how many minutes more?’ Mountain climbing is addictive.

The Philippines is blessed, not only with beautiful beaches and tropical island destinations, but also with challenging mountain trails that is sure to provide a magnificent view at the summit – or learning experiences that will last for a lifetime.

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