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Mt. Talinis (Nacolon): Maybe love is sweeter the second time around

Nothing much changed on the trails of Mt. Talinis. The vegetation was still thick. There is an ample amount of water supply. The Twin Falls are still astoundingly beautiful. And Lake Nailig couldn’t have been more alluringly serene. Truly, first love never die. While I was silently trailing behind the pack, I was actually recalling the music played by Jet while battling with ascents.

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Mt. Baloy-daku: Four Days Cursing the River, Leeches, Ragiwriw, and everything in Between

The interest of hiking Mt. Baloy Daku all started with fandom. I have a weird habit of reading all posts of a blogger if I find him/her interesting. After reading Sir Adonis’ ninety-day immersion amongst the mountains of Cordillera (I Found God in the Mountains), I got engrossed on the rest of his stories – including his several attempts of reaching Mt. Baloy’s summit.