Miss hiking? Watch these documentaries about Philippine Mountains

The mountains are calling but I must not go. Apologies to the naturalist and preservationist, John Muir. As much as we wanted to reach more summits and pursue our own adventure, we just can no longer venture into the outdoors as of the moment.

If not for this pandemic, many outdoorsmen would be on trails right now, hiking those long dreamed hiking destinations. But covid-19 happened. Instead of spending the remaining days of summer on major climbs, challenging the summits, and forging new friendship among the outdoor community, here we are in the comforts of our homes waiting for the goods days to come.

Documentaries about the Mountains in the Philippines

Sure, we are truly missing the mountains extra these days – the breath of fresh air, bewitching view of sunrise, relaxing panorama of sunset behind those rolling hills, and spellbinding sea of clouds. But worry no more. Here are some of the epic hiking documentaries of the Philippine’s most renowned mountains destinations that we can binge-watch.

  1. Mt. Ulap

Documentary: I-witness: Lakbay (A Story of Joiners)

Join Mariz Umali on a joiner’s trip to one of the famous hiking destination in Cordillera – Mt. Ulap.

  1. Mt. Parker (Lake Holon)

Documentary: South Cotabato: Lake Holon – Camping on a Volcano

Miss camping? Join Juan and his camping adventure in an active volcano’s crater in South Cotabato.

  1. Mt. Pandadagsaan (White Peak)

Documentary: Nakakamanghang ‘mossy forest’ sa Compostela Valley

Watch this enchanting documentary of Mt. Pandadagsaan in Compostela Valley featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

  1. Mt. Pulag

Documentary: Biyahe ni Drew – Revisiting Mount Pulag

Too hot? Feel the cold weather and witness the beautiful sea of clouds of Mt. Pulag. Let’s hike together with Drew Arellano and some amputees who braved to climb of Luzon’s highest Peak.

Documentary: Pagsubok sa pag-akyat sa Mount Pulag

  1. Kalinga

Documentary: Deadliest Journeys: When the Mountains Rumbles

A raise of hand for those who miss those road trips to Cordillera. Bring back the memories of those rough roads and get to know the struggles of locals who frequently travel back and forth Kalinga.

  1. Mt. Ugo

Documentary: Hiking Mount Ugo in the Philippines

Another beginner-friendly hiking destination near Baguio City is Mount Ugo – a great spot for overnight and weekend trips. Join Erwann Heussaff in this refreshing hike to the summit.

  1. South Cotabato

Documentary: I-witness: “Tasaday”, a documentary by Kara David

Aside from marveling the mountain’s beauty, get to know as well the tribes who have struggled to live in the mountains – like the Tasaday in South Cotabato. Discover their rich tradition and verify the hoax beyond the Stone Age tribe that were made to believe during the administration of the former President Ferdinand Marcos.

  1. Mt. Romelo

Documentary: Tapatan ni Tunying: Passion for Mountaineering

Why do we climb mountains? Find out the answer to this perennial question often asked to hikers and mountaineers as documented by Tunying. Learn the passion that drives most outdoorsmen in conquering greater heights.

  1. Mt. Isarog

Documentary: I-witness: “Yaman ng Isarog”

Mt. Isarog is often refered as Mt. Mayon’s gentler sister. However, aside from its natural, astounding beauty, what other secrets does this mountain hold? Find more of its secret caverns that were carved by the Japanese and unleash the mystery behind this mountain.

  1. Mt. Halcon

Documentary: Mountaineers claim ‘taong lumot’ haunts Mt. Halcon

Mt. Halcon is a dream hike for most Philippine mountaineers who want to challenge themselves. With a 9/9 trail class difficulty, what other horrors could be expected from this mountain?

  1. Mt. Banahaw

Documentary: Biyahe ni Drew: Sagradong Bundok ng Banahaw

Find out the mystery surrounding the sacred mountain of Mt. Banahaw. Join Drew Arellano in this epic hike!

  1. Mt. Makiling

Documentary: Born to be Wild: Linta, pumasok sa mata ng isang mountaineer

Limatik is one of the common nemesis of mountaineers when hiking Mt. Makiling. How do we get rid of them? What if, they get inside your eyes?

  1. Mt. Hamiguitan

Documentary: Climbing the newest World Heritage Site in the Philippines

Why did Mt. Hamiguitan become a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site? With Erwan Heussaff, let’s see the wonders of the largest pygmy forest in the country and the endemic different flora and fauna that can only be found in this mountain.

  1. Mt. Apo

Documentary: Iwitness: Kara David treks up her biggest challenge yet: Mt. Apo

How difficult is it to climb the grandfather of Philippine mountains? Together with Kara David, let’s find out what lies on top of the Philippine’s highest mountain – Mt. Apo.

  1. Mt. Pinatubo

Documentary: Kulot: Isang Dokumentaryo tungkol sa pamumuhay ng mga Aeta

Aside from the thrill of hiking Mt. Pinatubo’s ash fall, get to know the rich culture of the local tribe who has been thriving to live Pampanga since time immemorial.

  1. Pico de Loro

Documentary: Red Alert: Hiking gone wrong

What if you get lost along the trail? How do you find your way back? Answer these bewildering questions while trailing Mt. Pico de Loro!

  1. Mt. Cristobal

Documentary: Born to be Wild – Maligno at Engkanto sa Mt. Cristobal (Devil’s Mountain)

You’ve probably heard about the horror stories revolving around the Devil’s Mountain. Get straight all facts from this documentary and tales that have been passed from one mountaineer to another.

  1. Mt. Daraitan

Documentary: Explore Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River with Solenn Heusaff

Find the reason why beginners love to hike this gem at the heart of the great Sierra Madre mountain rage. Join Solenn Heusaff on this short hiking documentary to the summit of Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River.

I know, our feet has been totally itching these days. But the trails can wait. Let’s keep safe and enjoy these documentaries for the meantime.

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