Miss hiking? Watch these documentaries about Philippine Mountains

We are truly missing the mountains extra these days – the breath of fresh air, bewitching view of sunrise, relaxing panorama of sunset behind those rolling hills, and spellbinding sea of clouds. But worry no more. Here are some of the epic hiking documentaries of the Philippine’s most renowned mountains destinations that we can binge-watch.

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How to get rid of those blood-sucking Limatiks

Limatiks are scary. Just thinking about those creepy, blood-sucking mountain leeches already brings goosebumps into my system. Back when seasoned mountaineers share their encounters of these parasitic creatures, I would often wonder how in the world they survived such bloody attacks. So when finally I got a chance to hike mountains that are heavily infested with limatiks, I realized how traumatic the stigma we have placed upon those leeches that are just are thriving for survival.

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