Malubog Lake: Creating Ripples of Love, Understanding, Positivity


I was heading home the other night when a commotion near Carbon Market happened. All automobiles came into a halt because of an accident – potatoes came rolling on the road. While the drivers started complaining about the negligence of the sidewalk vendor, my thoughts were on the unfortunate potatoes rolling back and forth. No, I don’t have a secret affair with those root crops but they reminded me of somebody who made a difference on putting my thoughts into this blog.

Believe me, when I started Dakilanglaagan I don’t have any intentions of making it a big deal. The original idea was just find a proper venue to hang on for the words that constantly cloud in my head. But I got a chance to meet a person who’s totally the opposite of me – soft spoken, intimidatingly shy, tall, irritably innocent, and unconfident. And even with all the praises gained from people she met – online and offline – she remained as somebody who thinks that she’s just a spec in the vastness of this universe. Humility at its best.

Team National Geographic. HAHAHA

These train of thoughts brought me four months back when she invited me to join a nature walk at the humble range of Toledo City. It was an event hosted by some members of a mobile photography group – Cebu Mobile Shutterbug. While the sole purpose of the event was to take photos of Malubog Lake and its surrounding landscapes, I discovered something that goes beyond the lenses of the camera – love, understanding, and positivity (Hi, Ed Sheeran! HAHA).


I found love in the sweet gesture of Carlo offering a piece of chocolate marshmallow pie to his fellow phone photographers. It remains a mystery to me how in the world could he bargain such piece of heaven for a simple word of thanks from hungry monsters.


I found love in the eyes of the ten wheeler truck driver when he offered us a ride to make our trip faster. I couldn’t understand why he would put his license at risk just to let us experience how it feels like to stand at the truckload of sand and dodge all the branches of trees that comes along the way. See video here.


I found understanding in the words explained by the guards who reprimanded us from getting inside the privately owned tunnel that leads to a majestic lagoon. It was difficult to believe that peace can be attained without guns and chaos.

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I found understanding in the silence of our fellows when instead of complaining, they just marveled the wonders set around us – literally – as we head back to the town proper through a motor bangka.


I found positivity in the stories shared by a stranger who randomly converse with us as we hiked to the ridges to be able to get a better view of Malubog Lake. I couldn’t fathom how simple gestures of goodness can create ripples unto the lives of other people.


I found positivity in the mesmerizing view of the sun cascading different hues to Malubog Lake and its surrounding environment. It was difficult to explain how such magnificence be taken so lightly by people who perceived it as a curse.


 Maybe this is just how life takes it course. We accept the love we think we deserve. We cherish the moments we feel valued. We keep memories that others will surely throw away. We may not laugh at the same joke twice but we will always remember how it made us feel the first time we heard or saw it. Likewise with the pain felt over and over again. While the explanation could be as complicated as any scientific theories, it could go as simple as this: the warmth it brought within us is irreplaceable and no matter how many years would pass, it would always have a special space in our hearts – as it’s the only muscle that would remember what the brain easily forgets.

You will always have a special space in somebody else’s life. Whoever it maybe, I know that person has never been the same after meeting you. They will remember you in the small little things – just like the potatoes or Jollibee’s chocomallow pies. Do not look down on your life; you are a miracle to somebody else’s. You may not matter to the world but for someone out there you’re their world that matters. Remember that.

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Lake Holon? Nope. It’s Malubog Lake. (c) Chasing Potatoes

PS. This is a mema post. HAHAHA. And before I forget, happy birthday Chasing Potatoes! May your dreams be bold and your courage rise to meet them. :)