Have you heard about this YELLOW LAKE in Cebu?

Yellow Lake in Cebu
Yellow Lake in Cebu

A Yellow Lake in Cebu? Sounds crazy right? This was also our initial reaction upon hearing those words from the locals whom we interacted during our short trip around Cebu. But well, blessed are the curious for they will have adventures. From Lake Kadamon, we took an uphill hike going to a seemingly barren area. The environment was rather peculiar. The place was so humid. The trees and plants growing looked really dry. And the soil was colored… yellow! No wonder, the locals described it as “magical”. We followed the trails going to an open area and saw the Yellow Lake that they were talking about.


Is this Mars? HAHA

Probably to locals, this would look magical. An astonishing sight that they don’t usually get to see every day. An unexplainable phenomenon. But upon hovering around the place, we noticed the foul odor emitted by the lake – of sulfur, toxic chemicals, and other gases. There we realized that maybe the reason why the water of the lake was yellow is because of the chemicals present on it. These are mine tailings – the mud-like material from the ore wastes of mining.

Kadamon Lake (c) Dakilanglaagan
Kadamon Lake (c) Dakilanglaagan

Maybe this is how Lake Bensis/ Pingganon Lake looked like before. So as Kadamon Lake.

You see, traveling does not only bring you great photos to reminisce, great memories to recall, great discoveries to share. Most importantly, traveling will change you and the way you look at things. It will provide you with a better understanding of the culture and the economy of the places that you visit – of how and why things happen. And sometimes, it will challenge your own set of values, beliefs, and advocacies. But I hope you remain faithful for what is right, for what is good, for the better.


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