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Today, I choose to live

Sure, it’s difficult to keep going – most especially if we’re uncertain of where we are headed, if things will really get better in the upcoming days… or year. We can’t defy death. With or without COVID, someday we will die.
But on the other days, we won’t. And in those days, we wake up and continue living – making the most of what life allows us to do (quarantined or not), spending time with people who matters (and also with those who don’t), and creating small ripples one day at a time.

In case you forgot, you're allowed to rest and do things that will make you happy

In case you forgot, you’re allowed to rest and do things that make you happy

While everyone is capitalizing on being productive in this time of pandemic – to venture into a new hobby, look for new job opportunities, stay on top of the demands at work – I realized that it is also equally important to take a break. To just do nothing because resting is also a form of productivity.

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