Philippine’s Most Beautiful Crater Lakes

  When hikers say that the best view always comes after the hardest climb, they really mean it. Literally and figuratively. Hiking is no easy feat – much more if prompted with extreme weather conditions, fatigue, altitude sickness, hunger, and unstable emotions. Yet, hikers continue to push to their limits, to see how far they … More Philippine’s Most Beautiful Crater Lakes

Merienda Makeover – How to revamp your usual Pinoy snacks

We all know that here in the Philippines, we don’t settle with just three meals a day. For growing kids and deadline-pressured adults, a light bite has become a must to sustain the energy all through the rest of the day. Sadly, with the growing number of cafés and food house offering foreign-inspired drinks and … More Merienda Makeover – How to revamp your usual Pinoy snacks

Sirao Peak – A Beginner’s Perspective

Sirao Peak comes in various names – Mt. Kan-irag and Sibugay to name a few. Whatever suits you, I’m sure you’ve come across or even hiked already this familiar highland within the borders of Cebu City. Despite the ongoing commotion and healthy arguments among local outdoorsmen, the highlands of Cebu remains as a beautiful sanctuary … More Sirao Peak – A Beginner’s Perspective

LOOK: Treasures Found in Toledo, Cebu

Rumor has it that one of the many reasons why infrastructures are built (despite the troubles in traffic, manpower, and budget) is because of the on-going treasure hunt done by many excavators. According to legends, the Japanese have hidden thousands of treasures upon their occupation here in the Philippines in between 1942 – 1945. And … More LOOK: Treasures Found in Toledo, Cebu