Prenup Locations in Cebu (Updated 2021)

Perfect Prenup Location in Cebu

Prenup photoshoots add spice to the dream of every couple: to seal their love with the blessing of Heavens and let it be witnessed by their beloved family and dear friends. Getting all these documented were once thought to be expensive and lavish.

But, should the expression of love need to be costly? To make your prenup photoshoots memorable, they don’t necessarily need to be in far distanct places. In fact, there are already enough number of places around Cebu that are majestic and can serve as perfect backdrop for your wedding pictorials.

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Cebu Prenup Locations

If you are looking for a perfect place for your prenup around Cebu, here’s a complete list of places that won’t break your budget. Feast your eyes and unleash your creativity on these captured moments and the estimated expenses in going to the following prenup locations in Cebu!

1. Compania Maritima

Compania Maritima is an old building located along the South Road Properties. It is one of the first structures built in Cebu. It was formerly known as Fernando Building and Shamrock Hotel. It is one of the best and cheapest prenup location in Cebu because it does not require any entrance fee and has a perfect sunset view every afternoon.

Prenup Location: Compania Maritima

2. South Road Properties

The 300 hectare island-type reclamation area located in Cebu City provides a perfect location for prenup in Cebu because of the sunset view. It does not have any entrance fees and has a unique seaside view.

Prenup Location: South Road Properties

3. Fort San Pedro

Fuerte de San Pedro was built during the time of the Spaniards through the administration of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. If you want to achieve those classic Spanish prenup shoot in Cebu, this is one of the best place to be. For only P40 entrance fee, you can already make the most of the old structure for photography sessions.

Prenup location: Fort San Pedro

4. Sirao Flower Garden/ Sirao Flower Farm

Fondly called as the “Amsterdam of Cebu”, Sirao Flower Garden and Sirao Flower Farm are two familiar tourist destinations often flocked by lovers here in Cebu to enjoy moments of pure bliss in the mountains with the beautiful flowers in the background. For only P100 entrance fee, you can already record beautiful prenup shots in this location with your soon to be husband/wife.

Prenup Location: Sirao Flower Garden

5. Funtastic Island, Gibitngil, Medellin

From the name itself, Funtastic Island offers a fantastic treat to those who visit this island paradise in Cebu. For a budget of P1,500 for transportation, entrance fee, and boat ride, you can already enjoy the comforting sounds of the waves and calming breeze of the sea. If you wish to have an island vibe for your prenup, this is one of the best locations to be.


6. Temple of Leah

Want to show on your prenup how deep is your love for each other? Then Temple of Leah is the best location to hold your prenup! For only P50 transportation from JY Square and P50 entrance fee, you can already enjoy the view of this Roman-inspired temple in Cebu dedicated by Teodorico Adarna to his beloved wife, Leah Adarna.

Prenup Location: Temple of Leah

7. Babag Range

If you are the outdoors type of couple, then Babag Range (fondly called as Mt. Babag by newbie hikers) is the best place for you to do your prenup. Aside from hiking, you can as well do camping to intensify and upgrade your photoshoot. No entrance fee requirement for this location, just a little sacrifice of two to three hour uphill hike.


8. West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

Looking for a not so crowded location near Cebu City to hold your prenup? This eco-mountain resort located in Transcentral Highway that traverse from Cebu City to Balamban offers a perfect destination for couples to want to enjoy the cool breeze of the mountains. The area has a romantic guest house and cafe that will surely let your mind relax, ruminate, and enjoy each other’s company.


9. Camotes Island

If you want to do your prenup in an island paradise with lakes, white sand beaches, and waterfalls, then Camotes Island is the perfect place to be. For a minimal budget of P1,500, you can already cover your tour, transportation, and snacks. Click link to see how you can manage this amount for an island tour and prenup shoot!


10. Chalet Hills, Busay 

Chalet Hill is the perfect prenup location for those couples who want to try camping but are not fond of hiking. For only P50 transportation fee, habal-habal drivers from JY Square can already bring you to this hill in Busay that will provide you with a perfect city-light view and refreshing breeze of the mountains. If the sky is clear, you can as well try shooting with the Milky Way in the background. How cool is that?!

Prenup Location: Chalet Hill

11.Osmeña Peak

Said to be as the highest point in Cebu, Osmeña Peak provides a cluster of green jagged hills (like a deformed Chocolate Hills) with the shores of Badian and Badian Island in the background. For only P30 entrance fee (and P50 camping fee), you get to enjoy the beautiful sculpted creation of nature.

Prenup location: Osmeña Peak

13. Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner

Located in Sitio Bombil (approximately 30 minutes from Pit-os, Talamban, Cebu City), Nerisville is a perfect prenup location for couples who want to get that Bali, Indonesia or New Zealand’s hobbit house photos. For only P50 entrance fee, this is yet the most instagrammable selfie corner you can have for a minimal fee.

Prenup Location: Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner

14. Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog

Mountains Manunggal and Mauyog are one of the highest points in the island of Cebu. It offers a beautiful hiking experience which is great for beginning and seasoned hikers. The strikingly beautiful peaks of these mountains offer a scenic prenup location to those adventurous couples who want something extreme for their photo shoot.


15. Camp Marina/ Boy Scouts Camp

Camp Marina is an eight-hectare campsite dedicated for Boy Scouts and those who want to learn about the great outdoors. The highly vegetated area of this campsite provides a perfect venue for photo shoots. For just a minimal fee of P20, you can already get those forest shots that you want to achieve!


16. Mt. Naupa 

In case you want to try hiking and camping as couples, then Mt. Naupa is a perfect prenup location for the both of you. With gradual ascends and gentle rolling hills, this is yet one of the best sites to enjoy both sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. Entrance fee is at P20 and additional P20 for camping fee. Snacks and beverages are also available on the summit, so no worry if you’d get hungry.


17. Casino Peak 

Casino Peak is one of the new hiking destination in Badian (which is easier to be access from Mantalongon, Dalaguete. The hill like formation of the nearby peaks provide a perfect background to those who want to achieve a “Chocolate Hill”-like prenup shots.

2017-10-18 11.53.47 1.jpg

18. Molave Milk Station

Going south? Why not make the most of your stopover and take prenup shoots in this beautiful stopover point for travelers – the Molave Milk Station. Located in Barili, this colorful ice cream and milk station does not only serve the best ice creams in Cebu, but it also does not ask for entrance fee!


19. Moalboal (Bas Daku and Pescador Island)

Moalboal is a perfect prenup destination for couples who want to take underwater shots with sea turtles and sardines on the background. Enjoy the fine, white sands of this wonderful place by simply doing a trip down south of Cebu.


20. Tops Lookout (Tops of Cebu)

Tops Lookout is a popular chillout location for those who want to spent blissful moments at the heart of the Cebu City. It gives a 180 degrees city view and serves food and drinks that will surely make your visit worthy. For only P100 habal-habal ride fee from JY Square and P100 entrance fee, you can get to experience chill nights and wonderful music with your loved one.

Prenup Location: Tops Lookout

21. Sirao Peak

Apart from enticing beaches, Cebu also has a beautiful peak that gives a perfect view of the city scape – Sirao Peak. It is located near Sirao Flower Farm/ Sirao Flower Garden and can be simply hiked back doors for only 10 – 15 minutes. Enjoy the lovely scenery and tranquility of the place with your beloved.

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Prenup Location: Sirao Peak

22. Malubog Lake

By far one of the biggest lakes in Cebu, Malubog Lake in Barangay General Climaco, Toledo City is a perfect spot to do your ‘Kimi no Nawa’ (Your Name) inspired prenup shoot! For just a budget of P200 for transportation, you get to have this astounding background! Read more.

Prenup Location: Malubog Lake

23. Olanggo Island

If you’re on tight budget but still wants to experience an island escapade, then Olanggo Island should be on your priority list for your prenup location. For only P100 for transportation and entrance fee, you get to experience biking around the famous tourist spots in the island!


24. Fuente Osmeña

Fuente Osmeña is a picturesque rotunda park literally located in the heart of Cebu City. It is a renowned gathering place for events and a regular jogging route for runners. If you are fond of strolling, this is one of the best place to do your prenup shoot with the tail lights (and heavy traffic HAHA) of cars on the background. No entrance fee needed. Read more.


25. Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is one of the best places to your vacation and prenup shoots! It is located in the northern tip of Cebu endowed with crystal clear waters and fine, white sand beaches. It has become a familiar favorite of many because of the many films made from the island like Camp Sawi and I left my heart in St. Fe.

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Prenup Location: Bantayan Island

26. Buwakan ni Alejandra

Buwakan ni Alejandra is one of the most beautiful flower garden found in Transcentral Highway, Gaas, Balamban. This breathtaking flower farm is comparably astounding than the rest of the flower gardens in Cebu because of the wide collection of ornamental and flowering plants plus the gentle cool breeze of the mountain that would surely provide a wonderful experience for prenup shoots! Read more.

Prenup Location: Buwakan ni Alejandra

27. Circa 1990

Circa 1900 is a fine dining restaurant located at Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City. If you are your partner are up for a gastronomic adventure and classy prenup theme, this Circa’s beautiful facade would surely entice you!


28. Lake Bensis/ Lake Pingganon

Pingganon Lake or fondly called Lake Bensis is a recently discovered man-made lake sitting among the remote mountain ranges of Barangay Loay, Toledo. For only P20, you can already enjoy camping, swimming, kayaking, and fishfeeding in the area.

Prenup Location: Lake Bensis

29. Capilla Sta. Ana

Capilla Sta. Ana is a beautiful private chapel and maze garden which is perfect for prenup shoots because of its gorgeous landscape. It is often labeled as the labyrinth and can be accessed for only P50 entrance fee.

2017-04-01 07.54.16 1-01.jpeg

30. Alhibé Farm

Alhibé Farm is a newly-opened private farm that offers exclusive use of the rest house, glamping site, and spring-fed pool. They only cater one group of guests every day so rest assured that your prenup shoot won’t be bothered and the intimacy and bond won’t be disturbed. Read more.


31. Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Thrill and wide range of adventure would be waiting for couples who want to spend their prenup here in Danasan Eco Park. With the numerous activities that can be done – from wall climbing, zipbiking, ATV riding, wakeboarding, waterfalls chasing, and trekking, surely you’ll never run out of things to do here! Read more.


32. Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is yet the best safari park in the country with international standards that would rival the zoos and animal parks around the world. It has a wide collection of flora and fauna, and exotic adventures to choose from while doing your prenup shoot! Enjoy all these for only P800 entrance fee. Read more.


33. Bagatayam Falls and Binaliw Spring

Bagatayam Falls and Binaliw Spring are some of the hidden gems found in the sleeping town of Sogod, Cebu. These magical natural wonders can be accessed for free and are just located near the highway. Read more.


34. Daat, Sogod

A wide grassland with a view of the sea? Well, achieve this prenup shot at Daat, Sogod! Daat is the highest point in Sogod that has been gaining popularity among locals because of its location that is perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

Prenup Location: Daat, Sogod by NANU Productions


No, I’m not getting married or something. I just want to share these amazing spots in Cebu where you can have your photos taken. No need to travel far. Just let your creativity work in action!

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Please do practice the Leave No Trace Principles upon visiting the place. Let’s continue keeping our environment and these prenup locations clean and beautiful.