How M+S Café changed the way I look at Coffee

M+S Café is a small café with a very homey ambiance (not to mention IG-worthy) that offers coffee, dessert, home-cooked meals, and local products that promote sustainability –  like natural bath loofah, ecobar (soap, shampoo, and conditioner), reusable pantyliners and napkins, menstrual cups, and bamboo straws. They dedicate this corner for local business owners who support environmental preservation. We’ve also learned that the organic waste of the café is converted into compost waste which in turn served as fertilizers for the plants in their farm in Alhibe. … More How M+S Café changed the way I look at Coffee

Siquijor, Finally

My heart was beating wildly, like it’s about to burst out of my chest. The 30L bag that I was carrying for two days suddenly became so heavy and my feet were shaking as if I had been in a major climb. The passengers who were with us from Tagbilaran slowly disembarked from the fastcraft … More Siquijor, Finally

Tiposo Peak: Trailblazing to the Heart of Argao

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” I’ve always consider myself blessed in almost all aspects of life – except for Music. HAHA. I know you know why. We’ll not let the rain and broken glasses prove my point. Aside from having been duly supported by my parents on this so called “travel … More Tiposo Peak: Trailblazing to the Heart of Argao

Mabuti pa ang goldfish

 Badtrip ako ngayon. At oo, salin sa Filipino itong walang kwentang entry na ‘to. Kaya pasensyahan muna tayo sa mga mambabasa ko (as if meron) kung hindi niyo maintindihan ang kabulastugang ‘to. Sabi ko nga, badtrip ako ngayon. Badtrip ako sa maraming bagay. At ang mas nakakainis pa ay puro mga walang kwentang bagay ang … More Mabuti pa ang goldfish