Can We Skip to the Good Part?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That’s what Christine emphasized to us while we were traversing that dirt road from Robinsons Galleria to SM City Cebu. We were actually looking for other alternative routes despite the obvious – yeah, we are crazy lazy like that.

But Debby insisted. What if there were other shortcuts? You know, the typical friend who stands her ground just to tease the other party. However, this made me wonder too: had I followed a straight line, would I be able to reach my life destination at the shortest possible time as well?

You see, this time of the pandemic is a grueling journey of unnecessary introspections of bad decisions and failed opportunities. While browsing through social media to take a breather, you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by how people seem to finely navigate their way through life – making bold decisions of moving to greener pastures, settling down and starting a family, completing post-graduate studies, getting promoted at work – while there you are stranded at an intersection, wondering how you even got there.

If only life follows a straight line. But life never works that way. In fact, sometimes it does not only bring us to the highs and lows, it also leads us to several detours of circles and twists moving us farther and farther to what we reckon as our destination.

As creatures of habit and comfort, it’s easy to pray for life to be easier. Experience though tells us otherwise. We are constantly sharpened through trials and naggings of this world. Now it makes sense why some people pray for peace of mind.

As a teenager a decade ago, whose fuming with dreams and passion, it was difficult for me to understand why my colleague asked for peace of mind for her Christmas present. It could be the latest gadget, monetary compensation, trip to Japan, love life, or anything that we thought could bring us happiness. But peace of mind? Come on, enlighten me.

It took a pandemic to finally fit on her shoes. With all these rambling thoughts and adulting responsibilities, I could only wish to resonate with JRA’s trending ‘Can we skip to the good part’ song.

Sadly, we need to learn to endure and be more patient with the process. How do we even know if it’s a good part if we don’t have any points for comparison, right? How do we know it’s the best if we haven’t experienced the good and better?

Now, I’ve finally come to terms that whatever is meant for me will eventually find me. Sometimes a little earlier. Sometimes a little later. But definitely at the exact time when I’m ready to receive and let go of what I thought was already good enough.

Just recently, I received an email informing me about my nomination for the Best Cebu Blog Awards under the Best Cebu Quarantine Blog Category. BCBA is the only and pioneering award-giving body that annually recognizes the existence of blogs, bloggers, and social media movers in Cebu’s growing blogosphere.

Best Cebu Blog Awards

I’m not certain who nominated me. But it was reassuring that there are those who resonated with my thoughts and feelings poured out on this blog. That even with the lack of adrenaline for travel and adventure at this moment in time, we can still manage to find meaning and insights in this mundane life.

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line. But I guess there are certain views that can only be appreciated when we take detours. There are lessons that make more sense when we opt for the rough road. And there are presents that can’t be otherwise enjoyed unless we follow the longer route.

Whatever point you are at with your life right now, I hope you treasure it. And I hope you meet people along the way who will support you through your endeavors.

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