Curious Conversations at the Amordino Farm

This is not a food blog. If you’ve been following my aimless stories here – or unfortunately met me in person – you know by heart I’m not one to talk about food. These picky tastebuds and insanely sensitive sense of smell prohibit me from venturing into gastronomic adventures. Hence, the lack of content on food recommendations on this site.

But if there’s one thing that I’ve always been craving for, it’s the warmth of memories and flavors of unforgettable experiences relegated to words: through stories. And if I were to recommend a perfect place to satisfy this kind of appetite, it would be Amordino Farm.

How We Ended Up at Amordino Farm

Like Lake Bensis, it was curiosity that brought me to Amordino Farm. Having been cooped at the home and drowned by the demands of work, I thought I’d be finally surrendering my life outdoors for good – especially after some good friends left the country. But well, our lives are made of revolving doors and for every door that closes, another one opens – bringing us some new set of people to learn from and share crazy memories with.

In our recently revived group chat, Amordino Farm has become the topic among those who have been consistently hiking. Through backreads and catchups I’ve learned that this is a new place that has been frequented by those in the outdoors. Ironically though, for a place that serves food, the discussion usually diverts to amazing stories of explorations instead of food recommendations and best-sellers. So, it got me thinking: what’s really with Amordino Farm?

Afternoons at the Amordino Farm

After dancing through deadlines and workloads, we finally managed to schedule our weekend hikes. In between ascents and downhells, we found retreat in the humble diner located in the highlands of Cebu.

Amordino Farm (route going to Guadalupe)

Amordino Farm is a humble diner that serves homemade nourishment to hikers, bikers, and locals in Sitio Patayng Yuta, Sapangdaku, Cebu City. After Odette wrecked Bagsakan (which served as a food station for hikers after hiking Babag and Spartan Trail), many have found a new home in this place.

Bagsakan after the onslaught of Typhoon Odette
Amordino Farm

Aside from the sumptuous meal that the owners personally prepare, Amordino Farm, is a perfect vantage point for sightseeing as it gives a relaxing view of the city’s remaining vegetation. The mountain breeze is sure to soothe those aching limbs and cool down the body’s heat after a whole day of hiking, biking, and other kinds of outdoor activities engaged on.

Little aquatic and ornamental plant nursery at Amordino Farm

But what I found to be the highlight of every visit to Amordino Farm is the exciting stories shared by the owner himself, Esquerion Prieto. As an educator and researcher by profession, he generously shares some wonderful insights about his travels and data gathering procedures around the country. Unlike most who are aiming for peaks and mileage, his penchant for aquatic plants led him to trails and rivers that remain unexplored up until now.

Quick Tour to the provinces of Dinagat Island and Surigao (Kumusta atong pitchdeck diha? XD)

In one of our visits, he shared a copy of a published book that marked his contribution to the study of aquatic plants around the world. He has also provided significant perspective in discussions ranging from politics to geography, health, history, and even the behind-the-scenes of many reality shows that particularly feature the beautiful islands of the country.  

Discussion on aquatic plants at the Amordino Farm (Pagtarong gyud mog paminaw kay magtest ta inig human XD)
Schismatoglottis prietoi – yes, that’s the aquatic plant named after Sir Esquerion Prieto

Going Outdoors This Weekend? Drop by at Amordino Farm

Truly, food tastes better when shared with friends – particularly when flavored with wonderful conversations. Aside from feeding your stomach, I hope you feed your minds too. In an age ruled by fake news and critical illiteracy, I hope you find people to discuss facts and share beautiful experiences with.

If you are hiking Spartan Trail or biking from Guadalupe to Tisa, feel free to drop by Amordino Farm! This time, let’s talk about the perils of gossip, your current political stand, and the paramount responsibilities of adulting. HAHA.

See you on trails – or in Amordino Farm!

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