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Hungry? Here’s Philippine’s Classic STREET FOOD Favorites

The street food scene of the Philippines is very much alive in every corner of every city and province. If you want to get a variety of food to eat for a minimal amount, don’t hesitate to hit the streets. To help you navigate around the vibrant and exciting world of street food in the Philippines, here’s a quick list of the street food that you must try!

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Quick Guide to Kandungaw Peak

Where to go next after Bada

Gaining friends in the mountains is quick and easy – trailfood and few shots of empe’ are the key. But keeping them for life is the real work. Sooner or later, the group will disband; each one will follow trails that would lead to the summits of their own lives. Somehow, the group chat comes alive, but most the year, it lies idly, toppled over by other chats that demand more attention. Truth be told, there are some moments that we can no longer recreate.