Circa 1900: Behind the Scenes


I don’t know if it’s a twist of fate, but I have noticed that I have been consequently going back to places that I had been to this year – from the Spartan Trail, Mt. Naupa, and of course, Sirao Peak. And when I thought this was only applicable to the mountains, life has prepared something more awesome in my behalf. Just earlier this month, I once again set foot on a place where I thought I will never visit again – Circa 1900.

Photo by Sir Aris of

I am no food blogger. My weird sense of taste prohibits me from trying out varied cuisines and visiting food hubs around the metro and so after our visit at Circa1900 last year right after the Basic Mountaineering Course which took place at Boy Scouts’ Camp Marina, I thought I won’t be able to visit the place again. However, a fellow blogger and a very awesome friend of mind, Chasing Potatoes, invited me to join an organized Phone Photography Talk at the aforementioned place. Believe me, I had tons of reasons why I declined her invitation. First, I was scheduled to report to work. Second, I was never interested in Phoneography (Phone + Photography). Third, it seemed taxing to visit the place again. And so forth. But just like a perfectly woven story, my work ended early and I don’t know what hit me but, I sent a private message again to Chasing Potatoes if there are still available slots for the talk. To cut it short, I decided to go. And it was one of the best decisions I have done in my life!

Photo by Chasing Potatoes

The event was organized by Sir Aris Mape of Dyanlang. The activity was divided into two parts: lecture and application. The man behind the awesome shots of Dodzki Photography – Sir Ritchie Linao had a very concise and interactive talk on Phone Photography and the little tricks on how to manipulate smartphone cameras in order to get those pro-like shots. Three of Cebu’s coolest models were also there to subject the second part of the session.




For someone whose life has been in constant commune with the mountains and nature, it was totally a different experience. I have come to realize that just like mountaineering, in photography, nobody has the monopoly of everything. The mountains are not for the outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers alone. Photography is as well not for only for those who can afford to buy DSLRs and many other high-end cameras. And probably the most important lesson there is that: we have to see things in a different light. Breaking the rules can’t be that bad at all, right?

Not even perfectly perpendicular. HAHA. I’m such a hopeless case. :D :D :D
Believe me, it’s not my intention to take photograph of this poor being. But… it just looks so tasty. HAHAHA.
Will this even pass for plain flat lay photography? HAHA
Yeah, I have a severe fondness for taking side shots. HAHA

To Sir Aris Mape, thank you for such well-organized event. May you be able to help more individuals in unleashing their creativity. To Sir Ritchie Ferrer Linao of Dodzki Photography, thank you for sharing those tricks and input, surely, no classroom discussion can beat experience. To Chasing Potatoes, thank you for understanding my randomness and for meeting those ends for me (I want to cry. HAHAHA). And to everyone whom I have met (and hangout with, thanks to the Starbucks Gift Certificate), thank you as well; you made the event more memorable to me! Til’ next time.


It’s totally awesome to see these two renowned bloggers and Instagrammers work behind the scene. Check out @chasingpotatoes and @vivomigsgee
Yeah, paparazzi feels. :D :D :D
And of course, the people behind those delectable servings.
Third and Fourth wheeling. You guys huh. HAHAHA
Hit me with your best shot. :D :D :D
Angle pa bes.
And while busy downstairs….
They’re also busy upstairs…

Until next time as well, Circa 1900. I think we’ll see each other again. HAHA. As to when, that I’m not certain.