How M+S Café changed the way I look at Coffee

Looking for a Sustainable Cafe in Cebu? Checkout M+S Cafe!

Environmental advocacy runs deep. It goes beyond the banning of single-used plastic, preaching about LNT, and using metal straws for drinking. It’s more than just ranting on social media how irresponsible other people are, pointing accusing fingers as if theirs are the cleanest. Advocacy is a lifestyle. You stick with it. You live with it. No buts. No ifs.

This is why we have to choose carefully the brands we support. Isn’t it ironic how some food chains refuse the use of plastic straw yet offers plastic spoon and fork to their customers? Or how market sellers place their products inside the plastic then place it again in a paper bag so as to “follow” some city ordinance of not using plastic? Same goes with the other places you dine or hangout with.

M+S Cafe (c) Project Raphael

Recently, my colleagues and I went to a coffee shop around Mabolo – M+S Cafe. Like the usual, I didn’t order anything that sounds unfamiliar. I’m not really the gastronomic adventurer type of person. I’d rather stick to my “usual” than to regret buying something that has a beautifully crafted name and perfectly-angled photo but looks (and tastes) like crap in reality. So I ordered the safest: dessert. HAHA. While waiting for our orders, we went around the shop to check what else they’ve got. M+S Café is a small café with a very homey ambiance (not to mention IG-worthy) that offers coffee, dessert, home-cooked meals, and local products that promote sustainability –  like natural bath loofah, ecobar (soap, shampoo, and conditioner), reusable pantyliners and napkins, menstrual cups, and bamboo straws. They dedicate this corner for local business owners who support environmental preservation. We’ve also learned that the organic waste of the café is converted into compost waste which in turn served as fertilizers for the plants in their farm in Alhibe.

Himalayan Salt, Bamboo Straww, and Loofah (c) Project Raphael
Menstrual cup, Ecobars, and reusable straw (c) Project Raphael

The food served by M+S Café is not only visually appealing, but truly suitable to taste. Yeah, I went tasting all the rest of the food ordered by my friends. They’re all “Marj-friendly”. HAHA.  Their drinks are served on reusable containers with paper straws to go with. In all, the experience was great plus the place is really comfortable to chill out.

Garlic Shrimp and Carbonara (c) Project Raphael 
Smoked bacon with egg, Chocolate frappe, and Chocolate cake (c) Project Raphael

I’m not really the best person to talk when it comes to food blogging. But rest assured that I stand with the choices I make. How about you?


You may also enjoy these homey treats and learn more about their environmental advocacies (or buy some reusable stuff) by visiting M+S Café at Mabolo Garden Flats, Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. They’re open from 7am to 9pm daily. For more info, you may check out my detailed guide here.

M+S Cafe (c) Project Raphael

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