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Casa Verde Package Menu

Casa Verde: Emotions lurking in the Shadows

I’ve spent half of my life in the glimmer of Cebu City’s uptown. I’ve witnessed how it evolved from clubs and bars up to the food hub that it is right now. But despite spending over a decade in this part of the city, there are still many places that I haven’t been to – just like Casa Verde Cebu.

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Looking for a Sustainable Cafe in Cebu? Checkout M+S Cafe!

How M+S Café changed the way I look at Coffee

M+S Café is a small café with a very homey ambiance (not to mention IG-worthy) that offers coffee, dessert, home-cooked meals, and local products that promote sustainability –  like natural bath loofah, ecobar (soap, shampoo, and conditioner), reusable pantyliners and napkins, menstrual cups, and bamboo straws. They dedicate this corner for local business owners who support environmental preservation. We’ve also learned that the organic waste of the café is converted into compost waste which in turn served as fertilizers for the plants in their farm in Alhibe.