Merienda Makeover – How to revamp your usual Pinoy snacks

Have you tried eating Binangkal?


We all know that here in the Philippines, we don’t settle with just three meals a day. For growing kids and deadline-pressured adults, a light bite has become a must to sustain the energy all through the rest of the day. Sadly, with the growing number of cafés and food house offering foreign-inspired drinks and snacks, much of our classic Pinoy merienda have slowly taken the sidelines. But our food is a reflection of our culture, our identity. Hence, the Merienda Makeover Challenge event organized in Casa Gorordo.

Merienda Makeover Challenge: Race to Revamping Cebuano Merienda


Last September 22, 2019, Casa Gorordo organized a Merienda Makeover Challenge; wherein, culinary school students showcased their skills in food preparation by revamping the usual Cebuano merienda. This event aimed to promote the local food of Cebu by presenting them in a more creative and appetizing way. The curator of the museum, Florencio Moreno, stated that this can be an opportunity to elevate the taste, promote nutritional value, and inspire entrepreneurs to invest in their own start-up.


Banana Turon
Ube Halaya


Deep-fried Doughnut
Maja Blanca

You see, sometimes, it would only take a little effort to upgrade something that we have been so used to. We have to learn to adapt with the changes around us or else… we’d be left as a sad memory of what used to be.

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