Crazy Bridal Shower Games we did at San Remo Oasis

What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo
Kamote Club Bridal Shower at San Remo Oasis

Our lives are made of different chapters. And as much as we want to prolong one chapter, we have to flip the page and proceed with the next one so as to find out what other surprising experiences life has prepared for us. Part of this chapter is letting go. Sooner or later, one by one, our friends, travel buddies, hiking comrades, will have to go on separate journeys towards a more fulfilling life with people they decided to spend their whole lives with. They will venture on trips, adventures, and personal journeys beyond horizons that we exist in. And as good friends, we have to remain supportive of all the decisions that they make. Because in the end, whatever makes them happy brings overwhelming joy to us as well.

So last month, instead of holding our usual Kamote Club Christmas Party, we decided to host a Bridal Shower for our beloved member who’s making her wedding vows on the first month of the year. With the infinite demands of work and hectic schedules to work with, sometimes, a bridal shower is the only time left to bond and make crazy but lasting moments together. It is a perfect opportunity to gather and celebrate before the wedding day and, of course, shower the bride-to-be with gifts that would prepare her for her married life.

Crazy Bridal Shower Games we did at San Remo Oasis

Through the efforts of our “founder”, we were able to hold our Bridal Shower at San Remo Oasis at City de Mare.We rented three rooms for an overnight stay and spent the night with sumptuous food, hilarious games, and epic surprise for the bride. San Remo Oasis is a mid-rise residential community located in South Road Properties of Cebu City. It is a perfect place to stay if your friends or family wants to experience living near the sea with the glorious highlands of Cebu in the background.

What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo
Gift-giving and sharing of message 

What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo

What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo

Fun and Hilarious Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Looking for something memorable, something naughty, and something fun to do during your girlfriend’s bridal shower? Here are some ideas that will surely provide creative, quirky, and exciting treat to all the squad members.

  1. Dress up the Bride!

Divide the friends of the bride into groups. Each team has to choose their model. Using a tissue paper, they have to dress up the model with their ideal gown for the bride. The bride then gets to choose the winner for the game.

  1. Find the Friend

In case it’s the first time for the guests to meet during the bridal shower, “Find the Friend” can be a great game. It’s like the Human Bingo game wherein the bride’s friends have to roam around and find the friend who:

  • is an NBSB
  • knows the bride the longest
  • happily married
  • has been to five countries
  • and so on.
  1. Wedding Word Scramble

This is a perfect way to ask the bride about the couple’s love story. List down some familiar words that can be associated with the couple. The bride has to untangle the words and share a memory about the word.

  1. Wedding Charades

This is an epic game. Players (or the bride) have to guess the word by simply acting them out. Make the words difficult to emulate like altar, aisle, flowers, ring, honeymoon, father-in-law, and so on.

  1. Unexpected Gift

To finally bless the bride on her journey to becoming a wife, all guests must scavenge their bags and find a memorable gift that they can give to the bride. They have to explain why they decided to give such gift. You’ll truly be surprised with the gifts that will be given.

  1. Bride and Groom Trivia

The bride and groom must be seated away from each other. Both will be asked a question and they have to answer together. Whoever answered incorrectly will be punished.


  • Where did you two meet?
  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • How many kids does the bride want?
  • Who is the celebrity crush of the groom?
  • What is the bride’s favorite hobby?

PUNISHMENT: The winner gets to put icing on the different parts of the face of the loser.

NAUGHTY: Both couple should take off the icing from each other without the use of their hands.

  1. Who owns this Memory?

This is a little bit dramatic. Each friend has to write a favorite memory between themselves and the bride. They then put these “memories” on a basket and the bride has to read them one by one. She has to guess who owns that memory and elaborate more about such memory.

  1. Lovers Poem

If you want something romantic, you may ask the guests to write one single poetry line on a sheet of paper. They have to fold the paper after writing to hide the other lines written by the guests. After everyone has written their piece, the bride has to read the poem.

  1. Tie the Knot

Who does not like this game? According to dating experts, this is the best way to find out who can kiss better. Each participating friend must be given a cherry. Within two minutes they have to tie the cherry stem using their tongue. First to finish wins.

  1. What’s in your Smartphone?

This is a digital “Bring Me” game. Each participant has to scavenge on their phones and look for:

  • a selfie with the bride
  • video with the bride
  • photo with the couple
  • someone who has saved the wedding date on the calendar
  1. Cold Feet

This is such a cute game for the couple. Using a basin or bucket with very cold water, they have to get the ring placed on the container using their feet.

  1. Musical Bouquet

If you want to find out who the next bride will be, you may play this exciting game. Participants must sit around a circle and pass around a bouquet while the music is being played. Whoever is holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated.

  1. Find the Ring!

Each participant is given a chopstick. They have to race in finding the ring placed in a basin filled with candies. Winner gets a special prize from the bride.

  1. Bountiful Blessing

Rice place a big role in every wedding tradition. It symbolizes abundance and grace. Divide the group into two. Two containers filled with rice must be placed at a corner and each group has to transfer the rice with the use of their hands and by means of passing the rice from one friend to another.

  1. Sketch with your lips

Using a lipstick, participants must draw the bride’s gown with the use of lipstick that they only hold in their mouth. Best drawing wins.

  1. Sealed with a Kiss

Print a life-sized photo of the groom and have it pasted on the wall. Blindfold the bride and have her kiss the photo. After taking off the blindfold, let her explain why she chose to kiss such part of the body.

TWIST: If you can invite the groom, ask the bride to kiss the groom on the same spots that she kissed on the photo.

  1. Wedding Night Words

While the bride is busy guessing and opening her gifts, record all the words that she says and reiterate it with the sexiest bedroom voice ever.

  1. The Panty Game

Each guest has to bring an unwrapped new pair of panties for the bride-to-be. The bride has to guess who brought the pair of panties during the bridal shower.

  1. Bring Me: Wedding Edition

This is a fun way to ask some guests to share their love advice to the bride. The host will ask the participants to bring the following people and share advice to the bride/couple for a lasting married life:

  • married for 10 years
  • married for 20 years
  • longest marriage
  • newly married
  • with more than five kids
  • closest relative
  1. Fast Talk

Interview the couple about their future married life by giving them two options to choose from. See how diverse or naughty can they be.

  • Hot or cold?
  • Lights on or off?
  • Girls or boys?
  • Morning or evening?

To make the games more entertaining and fun, you may also host a Couple Shower instead of the usual Bridal Shower – most especially if the group is close to the couple.

To Kamote Club, thanks for this amazing experience. My contribution for this event was very minimal because I also had to spearhead an outreach Christmas Party. Still, the gathering was for the books! The games were epic (and truly naughty I decided not to share in the blog because you know… reputation HAHA).

What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo

And to Sansan and Lloyd, congratulations in advance. You are living proof how destiny works and how love blossoms when God is placed in the middle of the relationship. May you continue spreading your goodness through your soon-to-be family and bless more people with your kindness. Best wishes.

Want to book an overnight stay at San Remo Oasis? Experience an intimate gathering with friends or with family for only P2,500 (depending on room size and number of people). Message Cebu San Remo Oasis Condo for Rent on Facebook!

What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo


What happened in San Remo, stays in San Remo

How many of your travel/ hiking buddies have settled down already? How about you? When? HAHAHA.

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