Such an Embarrassing Christmas Party we had at Maayo Hotel

Christmas Party at Maayo Hotel
Cebu Bloggers Society Christmas Party

I really doubted the intentions of Cebu Blogging Society Founder, Mark Monta, when he announced that we have to bring something embarrassing but useful for the annual Christmas Party. Of all the unique ideas that could cross his mind, why something embarrassing? There could be something much better than that, right?

Well, that could be my younger self complaining on the previous paragraph. But you see, as you get older, you get to realize that some gifts do not come with grandiose wrappers. In fact, in my workplace, we were encouraged to reuse old paper bags or upcycle magazines and newspapers as gift wrappers. Back then, it’s so easy to complain on getting mugs, wall clock, umbrellas, and picture frames on raffle draws. But in these days when everyone is struggling with finances, isn’t it but proper to be grateful for whatever it is that we received?

So this is where Jang Man Woel transferred here Moon Tree – at the Maayo Hotel.

So, last December 20, we had our Christmas Party at Maayo Hotel – the first and only 4-star wellness hotel in the heart of Mandaue City. Despite the busy schedules of the holiday season, a considerable number of Cebu-based bloggers attended such memorable event that was filled with so much fun, laughter, festive meal, amazing prizes, and words of encouragement. The event was made possible through the efforts of CBS founder and officers and sponsorships of PayMaya, Timex, RealMe Philippines, and other partner brands – which made the games and raffle draws totally exciting. Who wouldn’t want to win 5k per game? How about the latest RealMe5 Pro? Or a great timepiece from Timex?

Online Quiz using Kahoot! about the History of CBS and some fun facts about PayMaya
Was actually exempted to join the Realme5 Pro because I won one during the Best Cebu Blog Awards

And aside from the cozy ambiance and sumptuous meal served by Maayo Hotel and those sponsored prizes, what made the event truly exciting was the most awaited exchanging of gifts. And because this is a group of creatives, instead of having the usual exchanging gift ceremony, we had the Right-Left Christmas Game facilitated by Nym. After altogether receiving our gifts, we had to one by one open and explain our presents. Imagine the giggles and laughters we had upon seeing ointment, flat iron, trash bin, lubricant, water jugs, and sago-gulaman containers as gifts!

How to flex that Sago-gulaman container like a pro
Won an S&R Gift Card in the raffle and got this handy Helmet and Jacket Deodorizer from the exchanging of gifts (perfect for Angkas HAHA)

Up until now, I still can’t reconcile why Mark opted for such kind of theme for the Christmas presents. But we all did enjoy such novel idea. And I guess, this only goes to show that some things are meant to make sense in the later part of our lives – when we are more mature, when we are more understanding, when we are ready to realize that we don’t lose anything in being grateful for whatever it is that life has given us. Among all the embarrassing moments that I would like to forget, this one’s for keeps. Thanks CBS and may the group continue to flourish in the many years to come.

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