Black Christmas at Mezzo Hotel


Black has always been associated with the dark side – of crimes, war, and evil dwellings. While it’s easy to accept this societal concept, we also have to remember the theory taught to us by our kindergarten teacher: black is the presence of all colors. With the world more connected than ever, it is easy to spread fake news, mislead people, distort right from wrong, and cause cacophony amongst others. This Christmas, probably we have to bring back the light and glimmer that the “darkness” has “stolen”.


Many questioned the theme for our annual Christmas party (including my mother HAHA) which was held at the Mezzo Hotel located at President Quezon Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. Of course, Christmas has always been labeled with all the colors in the world, why on Earth did we opt for a dark hue? Looking back on the previous celebrations, I think we have tried all possible themes for Christmas party – from White to Floral to Glitterati to Bohemian and so on. So when somebody suggested, during the meeting, that we’ll try having a Black themed party, it eventually ignited curiosity among the members.


Everything went smoothly until the presentations of all groups started. I have always loved the black color, but it’s only then that I realized how significant and beautiful it can be.

Christmas Dance Number
Miss Universe Christmas Edition
Hair-raising LED light Dance Presentation
Christmas in the Street Tableau

Black is beautiful. Of course, everybody knows that. But probably, sometimes we have to be reminded to truly deepen what we know than just simply acknowledging it. We have to go beyond the mainstreamed information and dig deeper than what the superficial could offer.


May we all have a joyful celebration of Christmas and continue becoming a gift to others. Let all the wonderful good deeds and greetings explode in various colors like the beautiful synergy created black. Have a Black Christmas everyone!

Simple token
Merry Christmas to all! :) :) :)

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