No More Yearend Adventures

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What will you do if you are given two weeks of paid vacation? Where will you go? Back when I started traveling, this has always been my favorite time of the year – a time to explore uncharted places, try new dishes, meet new friends, tick off activities from the bucket list, discover oneself, and so on. It is a time that I always look forward to. The experiences and stories were one for the books. And the encounters forged lasted even more because of the shared adventures.

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Is it really worth your time, money, and energy?

But as you go along with your personal journey, as you move from one chapter to another, you will eventually realize that traveling is not the only thing that you can (must) do in a span of two weeks. When traveling starts to consume you, you will begin to question the value you once placed on such a matter. Is it really worth your time, money, and energy? Eventually, there will come a time when you’d prefer the quiet instead of the thrill of death-defying activities; a time when you’ll crave for deeper and meaningful connections instead of just simply meeting people who’ll come into your life just as fast as they leave; a time when it’s more appealing to laze around with friends than to go solo backpacking somewhere where the sky meets the sea; a time when blurry, candid group photos look better than those perfectly captured landscapes.


There were tons of invitations for travel before this year ends. Major climbs. International tour. Multiday adventures to the different provinces of the country. But the itch to hit roads is no longer as demanding as before. It’s still there, but now, it has come to maturity – that there are far better, more important things to attend to. Now, I have come to peace myself of staying at home, finishing some work backlogs, reuniting with old-time friends, and letting my body rest. Now, I have come to terms with the importance of spending time with people, catching up, and sharing sentiments about work, life, and everything in between. Not much of an adrenaline fix, but one that would surely keep me going.

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Forever grateful for these growing bunch (literally and figuratively) who have been my constants for years X Kamote Club
Declined hike invitations to attend a former colleague’s wedding. Theirs story’s really one for the books.
T’was quite a task to dance around our crazy work schedules but happy to still have made this gathering a success. Ten years of friendship brought about by the love of french fries. 

As they say: life is a dance of making things happen and letting things happen. Maybe this is the letting things happen part. Or maybe the Universe is just preparing me for a different kind of adventure for the following year – one which requires stepping back, slowing down, taking a break, and seeing the bigger picture of what I have become. A more intimate personal journey of becoming.

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Where to go?

How have been these past few days? Where have you been to? Getting lazy as well? Or caught up with responsibilities? Let’s share each other’s sentiments down below or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

I hope the trails are greener next year. See you!

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