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Maayo Hotel

Yay! Welcome the Year 2020 with Glitters and Sparks at Maayo Hotel!

Still undecided where to welcome the New Year? Shine and sparkle with Maayo Hotel as they welcome the new decade with a bang! Celebrate it with family, friends, and loved ones with good food, booze, and music with their live performances of Foreplay Band and DJ Genesis with the latest tracks to shine the New Year.

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Do hikers need a skincare routine?

Without argument, hiking is a powerful workout. It is proven to lower stress level, improve mood, enhance mental well-being, and even reduce risks of heart disorders. However, while hiking is a great way to stay fit and active, being too exposed to the raging heat of the sun can leave hikers with dry skin. Getting several shades darker is never a problem; but beyond this aesthetic effect, intense exposure to the sun can really cause harmful sunburns, skin damage, or worse, skin cancer.

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Have you tried eating Binangkal?

Merienda Makeover – How to revamp your usual Pinoy snacks

We all know that here in the Philippines, we don’t settle with just three meals a day. For growing kids and deadline-pressured adults, a light bite has become a must to sustain the energy all through the rest of the day. Sadly, with the growing number of cafés and food house offering foreign-inspired drinks and snacks, much of our classic Pinoy merienda have slowly taken the sidelines. But our food is a reflection of our culture, our identity. Hence, the Merienda Makeover Challenge event organized in Casa Gorordo.