Do hikers need a skincare routine?

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Without argument, hiking is a powerful workout. It is proven to lower stress level, improve mood, enhance mental well-being, and even reduce risks of heart disorders. However, while hiking is a great way to stay fit and active, being too exposed to the raging heat of the sun can leave hikers with dry skin. Getting several shades darker is never a problem; but beyond this aesthetic effect, intense exposure to the sun can really cause harmful sunburns, skin damage, or worse, skin cancer.

I used to not care much about these skincare routine. In fact, despite the skills training I had with TESDA on Cosmetology, I still sleep without washing my face. But as you age, you get to realize the long term effects of your decisions. Truly, sometimes, our investments pay a little bit later. Good thing last September 27 – 29, Cetaphil held an educational drive towards having a healthier skin: the National Healthy Skin Mission. The three-day event at SM City Cebu, which was graced by the presence of Alice Dixon, Kaye Abad-Castillo, Bea Soriano-Dee, Slater Young, Kriz Uy, and Miss Universe-Philippines Gazini Ganados, enabled the audience to learn more about taking good care of oneself during the health discussions. For over 70 years, Cetaphil has been the most prescribed skincare brand by dermatologists and used by millions of individuals even to the ones with sensitive skin.

Cetaphil - Every Hiker's Skin Care Routine
National Healthy Skin Mission
Cetaphil - Every Hiker's Skin Care Routine
Skin Health Discussion of Slater Young, Kriz Uy, and Gazini Ganados

Cetaphil - Every Hiker's Skin Care Routine

Cetaphil - Every Hiker's Skin Care Routine

So, how do hikers take good care of their skin?


I’m no expert on those beauty regimen. So, let’s keep it easy and all-natural. Here are some tips to keep your skin radiant and glowing even after that long and strenuous (multi) dayhike:

  1. Stay hydrated.

Aside from quenching your thirst, water also keeps your skin hydrated. When the skin is dehydrated, it can easily look tired and wrinkles can appear more prominent. Water can also prevent headaches, joint aches, and exhaustion.

  1. Apply sunscreen.

Aside from water, sunscreen can also help your skin hydrated. It protects the layers of your skin from sunburn; hence, allowing you to keep that youthful glow. Sunscreens also lowers the risks of skin cancer. If you want to go natural, aloe vera is a perfect remedy in healing sunburns.

  1. Wear appropriate hiking clothes.

The Philippines is one hot country, thanks to our proximity to the equator. Therefore, it is best to wear wide brimmed hats, long sleeved dri-fit shirts, or arm guards during long hikes. Make sure to research as well on the classification of the trail that you are bound to hike – is it mossy? Open trail? Highly vegetated? Rocky? How long will the hike take? Remember that the higher the altitude and longer the hike, the more exposed you are to the sun.

  1. Don’t forget to moisturize.

It’s quite taxing, but it really does help to moisturize after a long and tiring hike. Not only that this will keep your skin clear and smooth, it will keep the balance of your skin after being exposed to too much heat. Dry skin may lead to acne and other skin problems.

Cetaphil - Every Hiker's Skin Care Routine
Cetaphil – National Healthy Skin Mission

Do you have other skincare regimen? How do you take good care of your skin after hiking or traveling? Share down below or join discussions on Facebook and Instagram!

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