Christmas Gift Ideas: What to Give in this Time of Pandemic?

Christmas Gift Ideas: Online Gift Giving

So, Christmas must go on. Despite all the troubles of this year, the fact that you and I are still alive (and kicking for that matter) is totally something to celebrate. As this year is a little different, maybe we should also scale up the gifts that we are planning to give to keep everyone safe but still happy this time of pandemic.

Maybe I’ve been staying online too much. Or have been hooked with too much e-commerce work. Either way, here are some of the gifts that you may consider giving to your family, friends, and loved ones this Christmas.

What to Give this Christmas?

1. COVID-19 essentials

Concerned with their health? Gift them with COVID-19 essentials: a pack of face masks, face shield, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes.

2. Cash (via Gcash/Paymaya/)

Come on, let’s be practical. Who does not want to get cash for Christmas, right? If you can’t hand them in personally, then send them through online banking or via online payment accounts like Gcash, Paymaya, PayPal, or Transferwise.

3. Food (FoodPanda)

Can’t give your special ham or cake for your friends and loved ones? Order food for them online! Let them try your local favorites by sending them straight to their homes.  

4. Load

Why not? Aside from texting and calling, loads right now are maximized for data allocation. Let them enjoy their online presence this holiday season!

5. Plant

Have plantitos and plantitas in your circle? Send them those cute succulents and indoor plants now! Let them nourish their love for gardening.

6. Netflix Subscription

It’s about time for your friends and family members to share the joys and drama that you have been enjoying while streaming movies and series on Netflix. Avail of that Premium Plan now!

7. E-book

Come on, share those copies of e-books that you have to your bookworm friends – and to those whom you think should read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”, “Ichigo Ichie”, and many other self-help books that you know of.

8. Hero Skin/ Steam Wallet

Got a gamer friend? Buy them their much-wanted items or skin by funding their steam wallet. You can directly contribute by digitally sending them a gift card now!

9. Cloud Storage

Difficulty handling files? Buy some more storage for your friends and family members. Or, share your cloud storing services with them. It’s now easier to share and save files online!

10. Book a Flight/Hotel

If you feel a little extra, why not treat that friend to a travel or staycation experience next year? Book them a flight or hotel accommodation for 2021!

BONUS: Love life

Come on, help a friend. Sell them out. Kidding aside, hope this list helps. And always remember, no matter how small it may seem, it’s always the thought that counts. Enjoy the holidays! Let’s rock 2021. Hopefully.

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