GUIDE: How to get to Kabang Falls and Sirao Peak (via Talamban)

“I’ve always felt like an outsider. I don’t belong in the mainstream, and I quite like that.” – Nick Lowe


I am not the best person to ask about fashion, lifestyle, food trips, and even the latest happenings in the showbiz industry; but if we are talking about current events, general information, history and geography, well, better prepare your coffee and chichirya, this’d be a long sharing. To cut it short, I am not a trendy type of person. While the rest of the Cebuanos are sharing their selfies and complaining about the traffic caused by the recently-opened SM Seaside City, I decided to move far from the crowd. And by far I mean just a jeepney away from my house.


Just like the canyoneering activity in Alegria to Badian, my feet have been long-itching to go Cebu’s second highest peak – Sirao. I know, you might think that I am after the flowers, but no; again, I am not a trendy type of person. I want to experience again the euphoria brought by scenery of the green mountains kissed by the sweet seduction of sunlight and embraced by the loving arms of the seas. So when a co-adventurer from Sugbu Outdoors Club posted about her planned trek to Sirao, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to join her group. It’s actually a leap of faith. I don’t know her personally and the people she’s with, but I’d like to believe that adventurers are the top-most risk-taker, and so, without further ado and with all my “thick-facedness “ I asked to join her group to which she positively responded.

We met at Mcdonalds in JY Square, Lahug then rode a jeepney to Barangay Buslot. Not all jeepneys go there since the road’s very steep and very few passengers go there. This is where your haggling skills will be tested. Upon arrival to Barangay Buslot, we trekked the cemented road to Barangay Budlaan where we have to register. This is an SOP so that the officials can easily trace the trekkers should there be untoward incident that would happen.


From Barangay Budlaan, we trekked the slippery and rocky roads to Kabang Falls. Then, after spending quality time with such enigmatic beauty, we moved towards our final destination – Sirao Peak.


We had lunch first in a store in Barangay Sirao. We also bought sweets and water for the continuation of our trek. When we had enough rest already, we continued our hike and by two in the afternoon we were already at the Peak.

We found a group of trekkers on the area who took the easier path in comparison to what we have been through. The stinging rays of the sun seemed unbearable but we were too tired from the trek and too elated with the panoramic view of the mountains neighbored by the city and the waters of the island. Some of my companions were even having a friendly argument on where there house is located and the places that they are pointing. I was too tired on the other hand. I have been slacking from quite some time; thus, I don’t have the same stamina as I had before. In short, I slept after feeding my eyes with the wondrous view. HAHA. :D :D :D



  1. How much did you spend for the whole trip? Remember the Cornetto advertisement on “Hanggang saan aabot ang P20.00 mo?” Mine brought me to Sirao Peak. We only spent P20.00 for the fare in going to Barangay Buslot. From Sirao Peak, we just hitched a jeepney in going back to the city. The cheapest of all my adventures.
  2. How long was the trek? Approximately 6 hours.

7:45am – jeepney ride to Barangay Buslot

8:00am – Trek from Barangay Buslot to Barangay Budlaan

9:30am – Registration on Barangay Budlaan

9:45am – Trek to Kabang Falls

10:30am – ETA Kabang Falls

11:30am – trek to Barangay Sirao

12:10pm – lunch at Barangay Sirao

1:00pm – trek to Sirao Peak

2:10pm – Sirao Peak Summit

  1. What to expect from the trek?

I had doubts actually with our trekking activity. It rained like cats and dogs the night before and it was totally cloudy in the morning. Upon checking the update on PAG-ASA I found out that there was no storm at all. Our guide who has been very much experienced with this kind of activity also shared that it won’t rain that day.

Since it has been raining, the road was very slippery; good thing we were on our trekking sandals. Though it brought risk to our trek, the rain was also a blessing in disguise. Because of it, all the waterfalls that we passed by really have water on them. Our guide shared that during summer, they are really dried up and it was the first time that he saw Kabang Falls and all the rest of the waterfalls that were on our way with such rush of water.

  1. Who would you like to thank? 12279200_1077761935591328_4578907508108155599_n 

First, I’d like to thank my sponsors. HAHA. Kidding. I’d like to thank Agnes and her comrades (Ruvy and Chuck) for allowing me to join their adventure. Most importantly, I am greatly in debt with our hardcore guide-slash-mountaineer Sir Jude Morales for being so accommodating and energetic all throughout the trek. It is because of people like him that I get inspired to teach more my little kiddos on taking care of the environment, being responsible stewards of God’s creation, and being of help to others without considering any payment in return.

Again, thanks and may God continue blessing you. More adventures to us!

  1. Tips?

-Prepare the necessary equipment needed for the activity.

-Travel light. Do not bring your whole house. Bring only what is necessary.

-Listen to your guide. They know better than you. Remember that.

-Follow the LNT (Leave No Trace) principle. We were totally saddened by the number of plastic wrappers, water bottles, and liquor bottles we saw at Sirao Peak. Although nobody asked us to go picnicking on such place, nobody also allowed us to leave our trashes behind. We are old enough to go to such risky place; we should as well act mature in keeping our trashes to ourselves; because those trashes that were left behind will never be decomposed. The next time you go there, it’ll still be there.

-Enjoy the view and the activity. Be prepared to get wet and dirty. You didn’t go there to take a bath and get yourself cleaned in the first place. Brace yourself.

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