5 Waterfalls within Cebu City that you probably didn’t know

Quick Guide to Sirao Peak

Cebu City is not only a great place for historical tours and sightseeing. Aside from its tropical island vibes, it is also a home to a number of waterfalls that will challenge the adventurer within you.

With the current situation, it is quite difficult to travel down the southern part of the province to visit the grand Kawasan Falls. But no worries because there are a number waterfalls just within Cebu City that you can actually visit!

Waterfalls in Cebu City that you can visit

1. Kabang Falls

Kabang Falls/ Budlaan Falls

For someone who grew up in the city, it was actually a surprise for me to find out that there is a beautiful waterfalls lurking just within the city proper. Kabang Falls, also known as Budlaan Falls or Tinisig-uwang Falls is located in Barangay Budlaan, Cebu City.

This is a familiar trail to many hikers because this is one of the trails that lead to Sirao Peak.

How to get to Kabang Falls?

From Gaisano Grand Talamban, ride a habal-habal bound for Barangay Budlaan. Just tell the driver that you are going to Budlaan Falls or Kabang Falls. They will instantly bring you to the drop-off point where you will be asked to register in the store near the basketball court. No entrance fee needed. From there, you may choose whether you’d go for a river trek or a highland trek – both trails lead to Kabang Falls.

2. Himbabawod Falls

Himbabawod Falls

One of the not-so-known waterfalls just within Cebu City is Himbabawod (also spelled as Himbabawud) Falls. It is located in Barangay Bonbon, Cebu City. The water rushing through this waterfalls sourced from Binuthan Cave – a solutional cave located in between the borders of Bonbon and Sudlon, Cebu City.

How to get to Himbabawod Falls?

If you have visited Lava Mountain River Farm, it is actually near the area. You may also ask their attending staff their to help you get a guide going to Himbabawod Falls.

If you would like to opt for a crazy adventure, like we did, just simply go to JY Square. Ask a habal-habal driver to bring you to Bonbon. Tell the driver to drop you off the bridge in Bonbon and then start following the river that will eventually lead you to the waterfalls. To be safe, and not end up like us (got lost), feel free to ask some locals to guide you upon going to the waterfalls.

3. Binuthan Falls

Trail to Binuthan Cave

If you are up for a crazier adventure, then feel free to visit Binuthan Cave and pass through the many waterfalls that lead to the mouth of the cave. This would entail rock climbing, bouldering, and trekking.

How to get to Binuthan Falls?

Binuthan Falls is specifically located at Sitio Morga, Barangay Bonbon, Cebu City. You will need a local guide to help you navigate your way to what they call as ‘busay’ – a local term for waterfalls. Note that this is a series of waterfalls, so expect to really get wet and wild upon going up to Binuthan Cave.

4. Kawa Falls

Kawa Falls

Kawa Falls is a peculiarly-shaped waterfalls located in Barangay Toong, Cebu City. It is located in one of the mountain barangays of Cebu City and is often visited by locals because of its challenging trails and refreshing treat. Kawa is actually a local term for “wok” which truly resembles to how the waterfalls look like.

How to get to Kawa Falls?

To get to Kawa Falls, all you have to do is ride a habal-habal from Punta Princesa, Cebu City (near 7/11). Ask the driver to drop you off at Barangay Toong – you may also directly tell the driver that you’re going to Kawa Falls; they know already where to bring you. From the jump-off, all you have to do is do a short trek to Kawa Falls.

5. Busay Lut-od Falls

Another not-so-celebrated cascades within Cebu City is Busay Lut-od Falls. If you have been hanging around some outdoorsmen in the city, then you’ve probably have heard about the infamous Babag trail – a steep range located in the highlands of Cebu.

Busay Lut-od Falls is actually a secret waterfalls lurking on one of the trails leading to the summit of Babag. Going to the waterfalls would entail around five to ten-minute steep descent.

How to get to Busay Lut-od Falls?

From Guadalupe Church, ride a habal-habal that would bring you to Barangay Napo. From there, you may ask locals to help you navigate and get to Busay Lut-od Falls. Others just simply call it as ‘busay’. If you are around hiking friends, you may also proceed to hiking Babag to experience a more challenging trail and reward yourself with a stunning view of the mountain ranges of the city.

Aside from the aforementioned waterfalls, there are several waterfalls within Cebu City that are left unnamed. Two of them can be found on Spartan Trail.

Have been to these waterfalls around Cebu City? Did I miss something? Feel free to comment them down below of share them in Facebook or Instagram. Hope to see you soon trails! Cheers.

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