Kawasan Falls – the good, the bad, and some unnecessary musings

Kawasan Falls - the good, the bad, and some unnecessary musings

If not for that blogger from Manila, I wouldn’t have realized how lucky we are, Cebuanos, to have Kawasan Falls to flaunt in our province. The way she pointed out our unconscious standards for beauty with regards to waterfalls made me reflect why outsiders love it so much.

What’s with Kawasan Falls? It’s just one of those multi-tiered cascades in Cebu specifically located in Barangay Matutinao in Badian. Yes, it’s known for its mesmerizing turquoise water and natural pool which is ideal for swimming. But why romanticize it? Why such fascination? Simple, other places around the Philippines don’t have it.

If my memory serves me right, we were only given two great examples of waterfalls in grade school: Maria Cristina Falls and Pagsanjan Falls. This was way before local contextualization was adapted. Since the books were printed in Luzon, most of places sited are from there, or from the limited knowledge of the author.

I’ve only heard of Kawasan Falls in high school from the stories of my classmates. But coming from a low income family that can’t afford to travel, it didn’t gain much interest from me. If I were given a chance to travel back then, I’d surely stick with the books: Maria Cristina Falls and Pagsanjan Falls.

But the universe has an awkward way of coming through your life. Through numerous invitations and various activities, I’ve chanced upon Kawasan Falls a couple of time – canyoneering, Osmena Peak traverse, and other sponsored trips. Still, my personal query remains: what’s to behold with this mundane sight?


I never thought it would take a pandemic and month-long of quarantine to answer this question. My messed-up sleeping routine prompted me to browse all those travel photos – until I ended up with Kawasan Falls. The sudden desire to take a dip into its cold waters and marvel its spellbinding beauty came unexpectedly.

Maybe this is what I have been missing all these times. To pause. To take a break. And look underneath the underneath of what’s presumed as ordinary. To be grateful and appreciative of the opportunities made possible by the universe. To take a loving look at everything as if it’s for the first time – the way that Manila-based blogger got charmed at first sight.

To Kawasan Falls, I hope to see you soon. I hope the universe gives second chances.



From Mactan-Cebu International Airport

  • By Bus

Ride the Sugbu Tours Transit bus. This will directly bring you to the South Bus Terminal where you can ride another bus bound for Badian where Kawasan Falls is located.

  • By Taxi

Hire a taxi to bring you to South Bus Terminal where you can ride a bus bound for Badian where Kawasan Falls is located. If you want to ditch the hassle, you may also make an agreement with the taxi driver to bring you directly to Kawasan Falls. Of course, this is a much expensive option.

From Cebu South Bus Terminal

Ride a bus bound for Badian. Ask those barkers where buses bound for this municipality are located. Since Kawasan Falls is such a renowned tourist attraction, the bus conductor will simply announce the arrival of the passengers in the destination. However, to make sure you won’t get lost, tell ahead the driver or conductor of your destination. They’d be more than willing to help.

From the jumpoff station, you have to walk for five to ten minutes before reaching Kawasan Falls. Take this time to savor the beauty of its connecting river, trails, and locals.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Always be a Dakila. Be a responsible hiker. Be a responsible traveler. Let’s follow the LEAVE NO TRACE Principles and keep the integrity of creation. Let’s stop the hate; rather, let’s educate. See you on trails!