Cambais or Cancanlanog: Which waterfalls is better?

Tourist Spots in Alegria, Cebu

Cancanlanog Falls is probably one of the most beautiful spot you’d find when searching for tourist destinations in Alegria, Cebu. Its turquoise waters and surrounding rock formations make it so appealing for adventurers and cliffdivers alike. Hence, the interest of including this alluring waterfalls after our dayhike to Mt. Lanaya.

I was very much sold out to this itinerary and have been duly looking forward to be refreshed by Cancanlanog waterfalls’ cold waters when our guide, Tolits, insisted that Cambais Falls is a much better spot for a cool down. My initial plan was even more triggered when the habal-habal drivers who were tasked to fetch us from Barangay Lumpan seconded our guide’s suggestion. With the limited time left, we were forced to make one final destination: Cambais or Cancanlanog?

So we made a haggle, why not visit both Cambais and Cancanlanog Falls? We promised not to spend so much time so that we would be able to visit both. I was still not sold out with the idea of visiting Cambais Falls; but, well, if you can’t resist the current, go with the flow, right?

Cancanlanog Falls 

Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls is a two-leveled waterfalls located in Alegria, Cebu. Thanks to social media, this underrated waterfalls has become one of the primary destination for those want to go waterfalls chasing, swimming, and cliffdiving. Going to the waterfalls entails a 5 to 10 minutes hike. It is covered with thick vegetation making it more enticing for nature lovers. Its turquoise blue waters make it more inviting for jumping and swimming.

Trail to Cambais Falls

Since we arrived in the later part of the afternoon, there were only a handful of visitors swimming around Cambais Falls. We immediately took a dip to relax our exhausted muscled after that dayhike to Mt. Lanaya. The cold waters of the cascades brought so much ease and comfort to our drained bodies. Since it was not too deep, my colleagues really had a great time swimming and chilling around.

Cancanlanog Falls

After getting the much needed massage from the cold cascades of Cambais Falls, we headed to our next destination: Cancanlanog Falls. Compared to Cambais, it only took less than five minutes to arrive at the mesmerizing bluish-green ice cold hole that is of Cancanlanog Falls (also known as CanKanlanog). True to those picturesque images on Instagram, the waterfalls is really soothing with natural vibes. Contrary to the other tall waterfalls in Cebu, the cascades is not as great but the blue colors of the pool is totally inviting.


We decided not to swim anymore as it was already getting late. In fact, we were warned by Tolits not to create unnecessary noise upon our visit. But there were already a group of travelers who came before us. They were younger and quite… loud. I don’t know if it was something supernatural but it felt like the spirits residing in the mahogany trees were sending us a message by pelting us with their stone-like fruit, raining down on us, as if thrown from where they’re perched.

Then I realized how mistaken I was all along; how important it is to follow the suggestions of the locals. Given the height and depth of Cancanlanog Falls, it is impossible for my non-swimmer colleagues to enjoy swimming such deep pool. This reminded me of Yoon Se-ri’s line on Crash Landing on You wherein she shared that: the wrong train may sometimes lead you to the right direction. Had we pushed for visiting Cancanlanog first, we wouldn’t have enjoyed swimming and relaxing. We wouldn’t have immediately remedied the aching of our tired muscles. Truly there’s wisdom in listening to other people’s suggestion and reflecting over the decisions that we make. Sometimes we get too consumed by our own opinion that we forget how important it is to acknowledge other people’s point of view without losing sight of what must be done.

We must learn not to rush conclusions. When you begin reading this, I know you also want to know which is better: Cambais or Cancanlanog. But truth is, both are exuding with beauty and offer experience that unique to each. Instead of comparing, why not just enjoy whichever the universe leads you? Right.

Forever grateful for these girls.

I hope you get to visit them soon and see for yourself the beautiful waterfalls of Alegria, Cebu. See you on trails! For more stories of misadventures, let’s follow each other on Facebook and Instagram?

How to get to Cambais and Cancanlanog Falls

  1. From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for Alegria (Bato via Barili).
  2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Alegria town proper (lungsod).
  3. From there, ask habal-habal drivers to bring you to Cambais Falls or Cancanlanog Falls. Fare may vary depending on how you haggling. Price can range from P150 – P200.

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