TRAVEL STORIES: Memorable Journey to Pityak Falls and Lusno Falls

How to get to Lusno Falls

Lusno Falls (c) Chasing Potatoes

Once you get a taste how wonderful it is to chase waterfalls in Cebu, you’ll eventually be craving for more. Aside from wonderful beaches, Cebu is also a home to grandiose bodies of water, waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to take the road less traveled. Together with fellow waterfalls chaser, Nessie, Glister of Chasing Potatoes, and Snow, off we went to the southwestern part of Cebu to find Pityak Falls and Lusno Falls.

Armed with limited information from social meida, we met early morning on a weekend to begin our journey of finding Pityak Falls and Lusno Falls. From South Bus Terminal, we ride a bus bound to Dumanjug, Cebu, where Pityak Falls is located.


Pityak Falls (or locally known as Kanghalo or Tubod-duguan Falls) is a beautiful cascade located in Dumanjug, province of Cebu. From Dumanjug, we hired a habal-habal to bring us this waterfalls. The trip was about 30 to 45 minutes long. Yep, so prepare your butts for that quite long ride. As it was the height of the day, the sun was happily grilling us on our way to this beautiful waterfalls. Pityak Falls can be easily spotted from the jump-off area where the habal-habal drivers dropped the four of us. We took the short trek going near the waterfalls and, lo and behold! The grandeur that is of Pityak Falls.

Pityak Falls (c) Dakilanglaagan


After visiting Pityak Falls, we decided to make the most of the time and visit another nearby waterfalls. By nearby, we mean an hour or more travel trip via habal-habal. HAHA. From Dumanjug, we proceeded to Ronda, where we took our lunch and haggled with drivers who brought us to Lusno Falls. There is a reason why this waterfalls is not so mainstream, the distance covered upon going to Lusno Falls is quite long. This is because it is near the border between the towns of Ronda and Argao. The waterfalls has two levels, one that features a slow shower cascade directly going to a catch-basin while the second level is comparably bigger and grander.

Lusno Falls (c) Dakilanglaagan

And just when we thought we had seen the bests for the day, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the highlands of Argao and Ronda with the alluring sunset at the background. But probably what made that trip memorable were the stories told during the long habal-habal trip – of family heartaches, of work sentiments, or personal dilemma. Because more than just the natural discoveries found when chasing waterfalls, it is these personal journeys that we learn more about ourselves, about others, about how life has been grooming us into someone we ought to be, about how we can be help to others and the suffering environment.

Later that we found out that this trip to Lusno Falls and Pityak Falls was just the beginning of a long term friendship and call for responsibility towards the integrity of creation. Follow more of these personal journeys on Facebook and Instagram.

How about you? What place made you reflect a lot about life? Who were with you? Share them down below! Let’s talk. Or let’s get to know each other’s story soon on trails. See you!


How to get to Pityak Falls and Lusno Falls?

  1. PIYAK FALLS – From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride bus going to the town of Dumanjug. From there, haggle with habal-habal drivers to bring you to Pityak Falls. You may ask the drivers to wait for you as it is difficult to find a ride upon going back to the town proper.
  2. LUSNO FALLS – From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Argao or Ronda (depending on where you’d like to begin). From the town proper, just hail a habal-habal that can bring you to Lusno Falls. Note that you had to take a short hike going to the waterfalls.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Always be a Dakila. Be a responsible hiker. Be a responsible traveler. Let’s follow the LEAVE NO TRACE Principles and keep the integrity of creation. Let’s stop the hate; rather, let’s educate. See you on trails!