GUIDE: Chasing Waterfalls in Samboan Cebu by the Crazy Flipflops Gang

“You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you and then you meet that one person and your life is changed. Forever.” – Love and the Other Drugs


The Legend of the Crazy Flipflops

While we were riding the motorized bangka from Coron to El Nido, I came upon this solo Caucasian backpacker who had this amazingly compass inked on her arms to which I am greatly envious with. But I am not going to talk about her tattoos here – probably some other time. After the eight hours trip, we separated ways but my mind was fastened to her solo adventures and tattoos. The day after that, our group decided to climb Taraw Cliff. You can read more about on that journey on this link. On our way down, to our amazement, we met her again. Before we parted, we saw her shrugged and commented, “Crazy flipflops.” We were quite bewildered for a while until we realized what she was referring to – it was our beach sandals that we wore during the climb. Yes, we were wearing flipflops in climbing that rocky and steep El Nido Peak. And we’re crazy like that. That’s how the “Crazy Flipflops” terminology was coined.


The Legend of Samboan’s Waterfalls

Upon research and interview on the locals, there are approximately seven waterfalls in town (excluding the ones that remained undiscovered and developed yet); however, only few are easy to access from the highway. Ours was a very quick trip since we arrived in the area almost noon already. We maximized our time and were able to visit the three commonly known waterfalls there.

  • Aguinid Falls


If you are looking for an ultimate adventure, you can visit all five levels of the Aguinid Falls to which each level offers different activities for thrill-seekers. Guided and assisted by local tourist guides, you can try climbing on the waterfalls. Yes, with all the water running and dropping to your face! You can both marvel on such creation, as well, as you feel your heart pounding like crazy with waterfall jumping and rock climbing.

  • Dau Falls

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If you are the type of person who longs for peace of mind and meditation, Dau Falls is the one for you. From the entrance, you have to walk five to ten minutes depending on your pacing before getting to meet the dashing and marvelously beautiful Dau Falls. According to the guide, it has been named from an old tree that grew on near the waterfalls. Years before, people can actually climb on top of the falls, using a rope or the inland trek on the other side of the mountain; however, because of the recent typhoon Senyang, some areas there has been affected by a landslide and made passing by to the trail difficult.

  • Binalayan “Hidden” Falls

12023249_10205010978647218_697874355_nThe famed “Three Drops Waterfalls” really justifies its name. This waterfall has only two levels in it wherein you can try all styles of cliffjumping and diving. If you are courageous enough, you can join the children from the locale that can be seen jumping and diving back and forth on the area. On the second level, you can clearly see that the water from the falls has been divided into three as it falls down, as described by its name – Three Drops Waterfalls.

Upon further interviews, these featured waterfalls are interconnected from its spring on the top of the mountains with other waterfalls. Aguinid is said to be linked with Bonbonan Falls, Dau with Candayvic, and Binalayan Falls with Balayag-sawa. Compared to the prior mentioned falls, the latter can be located on the mountains and needed more time for trekking and climbing.


  • Cebu – Samboan Fare (via Ceres Bus) – P340.00 (Back and forth) – (P294.00 for students with ID)
  • Waterfalls Entrances (P20.00 per waterfalls) – P60.00 (Dau, Aguinid and Binalayan)
  • Motorcycle Fare (P250.00) – all destinations plus waiting fee
  • Tip for Guide – P100.w00 (For the three guides) – this would solely depend on your group’s decision on how much you will pay per head or as a group
  • TOTAL: P750.00


  • It is better if your group can leave from the city to Samboan as early as possible – preferably by dawn – so that you can enjoy better all the waterfalls in the area given that it is four hours away from the city.
  • So that you won’t be going back and forth and that you will have an amazing trip, you can start your waterfalls hopping in Ginatilan where you can find Inambakan Falls, then to proceed to Dau Falls, Binalayan “Hidden” Falls, and Aguinid Falls. You can coordinate with local motorcycle drivers and let them bring you to the entrances of the mentioned waterfalls so that you can save money and time.
  • Take precautions. I don’t recommend our flipflops adventures. The trek to the waterfalls can be slippery, rocky and muddy. It is highly advised to wear trekking shoes or sandals. But if you’re crazy like us, then embrace and prepare for the risk.
  • Bring food. There are no restaurants or carenderia in close proximity to these waterfalls. Although there are sari-sari stores nearby, it is always better to bring your own food in order to save money also.
  • If you have more time, you can include in your list the Samboan Tower, Ponong Lake, Candayvic Falls, Balayag Sawa and Bonbonan Falls.
  • Enhance your dealing skills as you haggle for the lowest price and fee for your guide and motorcycle driver. The lower the price, the better. But also keep in mind that they don’t receive any honorarium in this task. Their income solely depends on the tip you give them. Might as well be generous. J
  • Do the cliffjumps and sliding! It is worth it! Enjoy! J

 The Legendary Adventure of the Crazy Flipflops

Our Saturday has been wildly amazing. Badeth (@baditang138) couldn’t help herself from saying over and over again “I love the Philippines!” There is much more to the Philippines and Cebu than what meets the eye and these adventures have been made more remarkable with our flipflops. Or probably with friendship that has been built and lasted just like the flipflops that we have worn.  I always go back to what Kushina (the mother of Naruto) said before she died – you don’t need many friends; you only need those who will walk by your side (just like the flipflops) when the world walks out from you. I wish you (whoever is reading this – as if there is) are in good company right now and that they are helping you to grow both in wisdom, experience and faith. I also pray that whoever you are looking up to right now (an inspiration, idol, or hero), may he/she be able to help you achieve what your heart really desires for you to be able to live the purpose of your borrowed life with your crazy flipflops.


Hoping to see you in flipflops on our next adventures. Have a good day!