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Mt. Naupa - The Best Camping Site in Cebu

Mt. Naupa – The Best Camping Site in Cebu

I know my boss is tired of reminding me to never make unverified claims but Mt. Naupa is such a great hiking and camping destination – that describing it anything less than ‘best’ would be an understatement.

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Places to Visit in Ilocos Sur

Project 81 Provinces: Ilocos Sur Travel Guide

History is a subject not everyone is interested with – but, for sure, Vigan City will always ring a bell among Filipinos. This UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Ilocos Sur is part of the New Seven Wonder Cities – which I have been dreaming to see for real. So when the gang decided to visit Ilocos Region after our one week trip to Palawan, I couldn’t get more excited to visit the historical attractions that is in Ilocos Sur.