Mt. Naupa – The Best Camping Site in Cebu

Mt. Naupa - The Best Camping Site in Cebu

I know my boss is tired of reminding me to never make unverified claims but Mt. Naupa is such a great hiking and camping destination – that describing it anything less than ‘best’ would be an understatement.

So yesterday, Facebook memories dropped an ancient photo of my original hiking gang at Mt. Naupa and it really brought tons of crazy memories of our early hiking days. Come to think of it, I had my first camping experience at Mt. Naupa and my first major climb was also planned there.

About Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa is one of the favorite hiking and camping destinations of many Cebuanos in the City of Naga. It stands at around 584+ meters above sea level and provides a panoramic view of the city’s natural and manmade landscape.

Why Mt. Naupa?

1. Mt. Naupa has the perfect spot for sunrise and sunset viewing.

Because Mt. Naupa is strategically situated in the highlands of the City of Naga, it has the perfect spot for sunrise and sunset viewing. Compared to other camping sites which are located either on the eastern or western part of Cebu, it does not limit to only one natural experience.

Sunset at Mt. Naupa
Sunrise at Mt. Naupa

Timing is everything. If you want to see majestic sights at the summit, you have to know when is the best time to visit it. If you are not really a morning person, you can schedule your hike to Mt. Naupa in the afternoon (maybe start the hike by three) to witness the sunset. Or if you want to start your day right, then you can also camp and watch the magnificent rising of the sun in the morning. For those who are not sold to the idea of camping (or don’t have yet the complete gear for camping), you may also begin your hike early (say four in the morning) to be able to see the sunrise at Mt. Naupa.

2. Mt. Naupa is only an hour hike to the peak.

I always recommend Mt. Naupa for beginning hikers. Not only that the trails are friendly, but so is the time needed to complete the hike. Depending on the pace, the hike can be done in just an hour.

Forested segment of Mt. Naupa

3. Mt. Naupa has numerous traversing and challenging trails.

If you are up for challenges, then you can as well try connecting trail segments and traverse from Mt. Naupa to other places – to Lanas, Campo Cuatro, Campo Siete, Calbasaan, Balirong, Matun-og Falls, and many others.

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4. Mt. Naupa gives a great view of the city lights.

Although Sirao Peak has a better view of Cebu City’s horizon, Mt. Naupa also gives a great view of the city lights. It’s not superbly polluted with light but enough to remind you that there’s a life waiting for your when you descend.

Camping at Mt. Naupa
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5. Mt. Naupa is one of the nearest hiking destinations from Cebu City.

In case you want to ditch those long hours of bus rides, then Mt. Naupa is a perfect destination to do your hikes or camps. The jump-off at Tungkop (or Rikio) is basically an hour away from Cebu City proper (depending on traffic). From the jump-off, you have to travel half an hour to Cogon Chapel where the hike will begin.

In case you’re pressed with time but still want to go and experience nature, Mt. Naupa is the way to go!


How to get to Mt. Naupa?

  • From Cebu City, ride a bus (or jeepney) bound for Naga. Ask the driver to drop you off at Tinong’s Bakeshop (Tungkop)
  • Hire a habal-habal driver to bring you to the chapel of Cogon (P50 fare per head)
  • In case you’re not familiar with the trail and you don’t have a guide with you, you may ask locals to help you navigate your way to the peak.

I hope you’ll have an exciting hiking and camping adventure at Mt. Naupa as much as I did. For daily grind of adventure and musings, feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. See you on the trails!