I Found Love at Mt. Talinis


Dear Mt. Talinis,

It was nice meeting you. Your trails are lovely and the green lushes that wrapped you are more than any signature designer can afford to create. Your waterfalls – Casaroro and Twin Falls – are assets that added to the beauty that you already have. The sulfuric river, which is immensely indispensable, reminded me how powerful nature can be. And of course, Lake Nailig, our humble abode for the night, reflected so much of how tragedy can generate something as splendid as refuge for lost and wandering souls. But more than anything else, I’d like to thank you for all the experiences, both plausible and tear-jerking, that you have allowed me to undergo.


For telling me that amidst all pressure, there will always be someone who’ll see all positivity and even have the nerve to retell stories of epic failed romances just to lift the despondent souls of everybody.

Bai Kido

For reminding me to stay cool and deal with all the struggles head on no matter how difficult, seemingly impossible, and tiresome the whole activity maybe.


For showing me that the mountains do not belong to the outdoor enthusiasts alone, but as well as, to those who are willing to withstand the test of nature and finish with flying colors the entire course.


For illustrating to me how to maintain grace under pressure and to do away with stereotyping.


For making me realize how to take things one step at a time and allow myself to pause and catch my breath that has been taken away by the exquisiteness set before me.


For allowing me to reflect over the things around me and settle to myself unsolicited comments that paves unnecessary.

Jeff of “Bandana Stories” and “Illegal Laager”

For showing me people who never gets tired of understanding others and keeping the fire of adventure burning for everyone.


For demonstrating how the absence of everything can engineer innovation and creativity – skills that are poignant for survival both in the wilderness and wherever my feet will bring me.

Jumz of www.jumzchino.wordpress.com

For bringing back my faith in humanity – that chivalry is not dead and that heroism is not limited to those who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of other people.




For showing me that love bears all things, hopes all things, and endures all things – no matter how antagonistic the conditions maybe.

Epifanio Watsinanggo

For proving to me that no matter how long the journey will take, someone somewhere will always be waiting with all anticipation in the end.


For giving me a companion who understands my insanity and endures with all modesty the wrath of time just to make sure that I’ll never feel alone, lost, and left behind.




For allowing me to meet people who never conforms with the willful demand of society and follow their own trail even if it means leaving one’s comfort zone


But more than anything else, thank you for showing me that not all knights are in their shining armor; that some of them are on the trails, wearing worn-out trekking shoes that has stood the test of time, carrying liters of baggage including those of the tragic past, leading the way so to make sure that nobody gets left behind.

Chillin’ at the Ranch Photo credits: Jumz Chino
Mandatory Group Picture at the Valencia Casaroro Falls Jumpoff
Photo credits: Jumz Chino

I will forever treasure these people and moments in my heart; likewise, thank you for making me realize to treasure myself as well. I don’t need to hurry love because you have taught me the most important lesson: love comes when it has to and love leaves when it needs to.  I have come and had fallen in love with you, but I must go because I was never meant to stay in one place. I am Dakilanglaagan.





  1. That was a heart-warming entry Dakilang Laagan! I am looking forward for your future entries. See you soon along the trail and see you at the top of Mt. Pulag this May!

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    1. Wa pako nahuman ug edit sa serious ug walay char2 nga entry para sa travel guide. Kani ra ako ginaningan kay last day nalang sa February. 😂😂😂 Thanks for organizing, and see you soon as well Jeff. 😊😊😊


      1. Ahw, naa pa diay lain ani? hahaha! Contento nako ani man pud pero if naa pa mas ok. Welcome Marj! Wala rajud nay kaso nako angpag-organize. Diha ko maka save ug money although makapatay jud siya ug daghang “brain and beauty cells”.

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  2. “For bringing back my faith in humanity – that chivalry is not dead and that heroism is not limited to those who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of other people.”

    Akong gibasa balik tagsa2x ang names.. ahak kahilakon ko! Very good observant man ka Dakiling. This is sweet. Thank you!

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  3. I love the style of this blog. Did you make that video? I just got myself a GoPro and I’m looking to do more travel videos in a similar style :) And isn’t it amazing how traveling can teach you so much about life?

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  4. Wonderful views. You really must have fallen in love with the place. The initial pictures are hazy but that is the charm of the mountains. You never know when the weather changes!

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  5. Wonderfully written with so many beautiful words! I hope more and more people are going to appreciate wonderfuk moments and people in their lives! Oh, now I want to wear my trekking shoes and go out!!! :D

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  6. I found it more of a reflextion poem. Well written experience with great photos to go with your thoughts. Thanks for the share.

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  7. What a beautiful love letter to Mt. Talinis. You just make me want to go there and fall in love too. The pictures are awesome, mysterious, love it :)

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  8. The only mountain I’ve been to is Makiling, lol and Mt. Ijen in Indonesia. Not a fan of hiking and I guess will never be. But I love your dramatic photos

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  9. I am happy you had such a wonderful time. I’m sure you will look back at this experience with fond memories. I love how misty everything looks in your photos. Seems it was a little cold, but you really made the most of it. Looks like an amazing place to visit.

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  10. You had such a wonderful time!! And you phrased your experience very well. It was almost poetic. And so free flowing. With the virtual tour of a beautiful part of the world. Looking forward to next such post…

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  11. Such a beautiful, poetic post. Seems you had a wonderful hiking time with your buddies. I love treks and believe they teach you so much what you can’t learn in life. It is really good to be thankful for every small achievement and happiness. Looking forward to read more of your experiences.

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  12. Beautiful post and amazing photography. Congratulations! It’s so nice to read how a trip can change your perspective of life, make you more appreciated of what you have and the people that surround you. Many times we read about a place but not how it impacted the writer. So, thank you for sharing.

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  13. I can tell even just from the photographs that this was really a trip to be remembered. You wrote about it with such fondness in your words! Such great memories you made, so glad you had such a wonderful experience on the mountain!

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  14. This article is so moving! This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside after reading it. I saw myself nodding while reading through your heartfelt blog post. I totally agree with love coming and going in our lives!

    I haven’t heard about this mountain before. Where are you based Marjorie? I am originally from Manila, but always going out of the country for adventures. Let’s keep in touch and I so want to join you in one of your hikes!

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    1. I’m from Cebu. But this one’s in Negros. 😊😊😊 You joining my next hikes? That’d be awesome! 😁😁😁 Feel free to contact me when you’ll be able to visit Cebu. I’d be happy to tour you around 😊😊😊


  15. It’s wonderful when traveling teaches us valuable lessons. It’s never about the final destination but the journey itself and what you learn whilst on the road. It seems that your journey to Mt Talinis did exactly this!

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  16. I can genuinely feel what this article is trying to convey every line. I must say that this is deeply written and piercing me deep inside. The words are freely flirting like how you have poured out your heart while writing this. I’m always a great fan of you, you’re one of those writers who is very versatile and always has a different way of expressing your emotion through your words. I’m sincerely moved by this. Keep writing Marj. I haven’t climbed Mt. Talinis yet, hopefully before long.

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