Mt. Kapayas – A Remarkable Hiking Destination in Catmon, Cebu

Mt. Kapayas (locally known as Lantawan) is one of the notorious hiking destinations located in Cebu, particularly in the Municipality of Catmon. It stands at around 783+ masl and provides a breathtaking view of the municipality’s neighboring mountain ranges.

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Cheap Budget Guide to Sambawan Island

Was it wrong to visit Sambawan Island?

Reflecting on it, Sambawan Island opened a lot of opportunities for me. It made me connect with other bloggers, hikers, and people whom I would never have met had I declined Glister’s invitation. Indeed, you’ll never grow if you stayed on shores. As they say it: only rough seas make great sailors. Once in a while, you have to be bold and take risks. It’s either you win or you learn. It would take a lot of convincing because it’s really scary. But if you take risk, you also get rid of the uncertainty, of the ‘what-is’. Probably it won’t work exactly the way you hope it to be, at least you didn’t sit around playing safe while immense possibilities lie in the corner.

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