Hiking Pranks we have surely missed

Hiking Pranks that we surely missed

It’s no April Fools but surely we missed already those pranks we often do or encounter during hikes. Not only that we are fond of hiking with friends, we are also fond of making fun of them to ease the struggles and pain during those day (or multi-day) hikes.

Common Hiking Pranks in the Philippines

Check out these hiking pranks that we made ourselves – or fellow hikers – believe.

  1. ‘Five Minues nalang’ Prank

For sure, you’ve missed this common line answered by the mountain guides or friends who are leading the pack. And despite knowing that it’s not actually five minutes more before we reach the summit, we have long made ourselves believe on that praise over and over again, as if to lift our already drained batteries.

  1. Rock on the Backpack Prank

We sure had great laughs on whoever was tasked to bring that rock that has been mischievously placed inside that heavy backpack without the knowledge of the owner. Imagine bringing along the additional weight of those large rocks to your load. Calvary.

Lesson learned: Check your backpacks assault. Who knows what else your fellow hiking buddies have placed in there.

  1. ‘On the way’ Prank

“Malapit na ako” (I’m on the way), answered by your ever unreliable friends. But let’s get honest, they’re not actually on the way to the meet-up place even after an hour passed the meet-up time. Welcome to the Philippines.

  1. ‘Sasama ako’ Prank

I’m sure you already missed those people who are the most excited upon planning the event and all of sudden, back out the last minute saying they have urgent things to do or they’re not feeling well. Reasons.

  1. Minor Prank

Remember the remorse on the face of those whom you have invited for that so-called ‘minor climb’? I’m sure you’re missing them big time – all those rants, regrets, and ‘I’ll-never-do-this-again’ lines.

  1. Salt Prank

I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but this holds true to most of those I climb with. Hiking can sure cause a number of leg cramps particularly on long ascents and descents. And one solution provided by some is to bring electrolyte-rich food and beverages to replenish the sodium and potassium lost during the hike. Sodium. So, there goes some hikers offering salt to those experiencing cramps.

Imagine the innocent looks of those beginners who get to receive that pack of salt. “What to do?” you’d ask. Mischievous hikers won’t give you an answer, instead they’d give you that unbelievable wtf-you-don’t-know look. As if on cue, there goes the innocent hiker, applying the salt to his/her leg cramp. Then follows the boisterous laughing.

  1. Jowable Prank

And up until now you still believe this Jowable Prank – that you’ll finally find the love of your life during climbs. Well, I guess with this quarantine season, finding your perfect match would take a toll. Who knows when we’ll be able to climb once again.

So, there you go my friends. What else do you miss during your hikes? Feel free to comment them down below or share your stories on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Still hoping to see you soon on trails!

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