10 Types of people you will meet when hiking

“It is not about the number of days, months or years that you have stayed together. It’s about the moments you have shared together.”


Aside from the view and the experience, one thing that I always look forward to upon hiking or trekking is getting to know more about people and sharing stories of adventures and travels with them. I have come to meet a lot of people and what makes it amazing is that each one has a unique characteristic that somehow adds up to the spice of laughters, tease, bullying, and misadventures during the whole duration of the trip.

Last February 28, I had a chance to join the second pre-climb of Laagan Pilipinas in preparation for their KD2M (Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Dulang-dulang and Mt. Maagnaw) major climb. The route (Spartan Trail) was from Banawa – Buhisan – Pamutan – 6 Towers – Napo), however, when we reached the 6 Towers, our group has been invited for a fiesta celebration in Jaclupan; so we backtracked to Campo Kwatro (Camp 4). Though we had to hike for 10 straight hours under the stinging rays of the sun, drenched by the rain, and hugged by the fog, it didn’t exhaust us much because of the people we are with. Who are these people?

  1. Master Trekker – They are street smart type of people. Instead of following the long trail, they strategize a plan in order to make the route easier and shorter before they go attacking. They take the road less traveled usually finish with flying courses. master trekker
  2. Complete Uniform – They are “mountaineer looking” individuals. They bring 30 – 50L backpacks, wears trekking/ mountaineering shoes, and all the rest of the gears needed for survival. selfie
  3. Goalkeeper – These people are the ones who keep track of the schedule and itinerary and often ask the guide if they are already near the summit or the end point. goal keeper
  4. Selfie Baby – These are the people who are usually armed with gopro, smartphones and selfie sticks and take a minimum of 5 to 10 pictures in every spot where there is a view. selfie2selfie3
  5. Unoriented – They are the total opposite #2. They come without proper orientation about the activity. It’s easy to spot them since they usually deviate from the usual “mountaineering look” of the group. inday
  6. Grocery Store – I love these people! You never get hungry on the road when you are with them. They have all kinds of chocolates, trail food, canned goods and sometimes even bring a portable gas stove for cooking! food
  7. Blogger Look (Pinablager) – They are OOTD type of people. They know where and how to pose on certain spots and usually get the most likes on Facebook and Instagram. blagger2blagger
  8. Hugot Pipz (Hugot Boys and Hugot Girls) – These are the “can’t-move-one” group. No matter how hard the trail and how antagonizing the weather is, they can always relate it with love and all those failed relationships and broken promises. hugoterohugot
  9. Soloist / Hitcher – I am a proud member of this group! These are the people who usually check events of Facebook, reflect whether to come or not, and then just appear on the agreed venue without knowing anybody in the group. What makes these types of people extraordinary is that, they usually end up becoming friends with everybody in the group. soloist
  10. Testing the Waters – The “man-of-few-words” or the type who does not talk too much in the group. They are usually the soloist/ hitcher but loves to contemplate with nature; but the most interesting part about these type is that when they get comfortable with the group they become unstoppable! testing

Did I miss something? What type of hiker/ trekker are you? Hope to see you on my next adventure!

19 thoughts on “10 Types of people you will meet when hiking

  1. You miss the blogger type: You. Yung may kuwento na nakakabit sa bawat akyat niya. hehe…

    I enjoyed it a lot. Naalala ko lahat nung mga nakasama ko sa bawat akyat. Hay…nakaka-miss ang mga bundok sa Pilipinas…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Oo nga sa? 😂😂😂 Masyado kasi akong nagfocus sa mga kasamahan ko. Sobrang nakakatawa tong akyat na ito. May mga malapit ng umiyak dahil sa hirap ng daan. Ang dami pa namang beginners. 😂😂😂


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