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Spartan Trail: Farewell to Cebu City's Favorite Hiking Destination?

Spartan Trail: Farewell to Cebu City’s Favorite Hiking Destination?

Though seemingly terrifying like of the Battle of Thermopylae, according to some outdoor enthusiasts, Spartan Trail got nothing to do with such bloody war led by King Leonidas. Rather, it got its name from an outdoor group that bushwhacked the trail from Banawa to Pamutan in the early hiking days.

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The Real Horrors of Night Trekking  

The more you experience the outdoors, the more you’ll crave for more – more challenges, more adventure. As if long dayhikes are not enough, Epifanio came up with another crazy idea over the weekday: to hike at night our beloved Spartan Trail. Though I have been familiar with such trail and have experience three days of total darkness inside the country’s largest caving system, just the thought of the trail’s eeriness made me feel hesitant. Imagine, the canopied trails and river system already seemed disturbing at daytime, how much more at night? But well, wild hearts are difficult to tame.