No One Fights Alone: A Tale of Brotherhood

No one fights alone (c) Dakilanglaagan

Each one of us is carrying our own crosses. And while most people take pride on romanticizing their difficulties, there are those who work quietly to help others lessen their burdens while at the same time carrying their own. In the advent of egocentrism, faith in humanity continues a battle for its restoration.

Working as Community Outreach moderator for years opened my eyes on the reality of how both selfish and selfless people can be. I have faced tons of refusals and rejections whenever I ask for assistance from people whom I thought would be enthusiastic in making a slight difference in the lives of other people; and I have also encountered a number of individuals who are more than willing to share however little they have for others. Yesterday proved to be an exemplary example how interconnected we are to each other.


Instead of spending the weekend to relax, an unexpected number of paddlers, hikers, trailrunners, and event organizers gathered for a solidarity hike for fellow outdoorsmen who are currently fighting with cancer. Deviating from the usual outdoor getup – drifit shirt and compression leggings – they took the inconvenience of wearing long sleeved polo and maong pants to show support to Ramon and Mamimo who are fond of wearing the aforementioned items on trail quests. They struggled the steep ascends, slippery downhills, and technical rivercrossing and bouldering and finished with outstanding grace in Pamutan. Though the task was really a struggle, the camaraderie practiced amongst the participants and organizers proved that nothing is impossible when everyone works together.


Truth be told, there were only a handful who knew firsthand Ramon and Mamino, but the stories of brotherhood shared during the orientation and the presence of those who wanted to support them was overwhelming. This event was made possible through the efforts of Isko and his fellow Maninoys, Sagoy Outdoor Club, Cebu Fireblade, Cebu Mountain Goats, Cebu Poseidon Dragons, GRIT, Cebu Trail Runners, Team Sikwati, and other guests.

Trailrunners deviating from the usual drifit shirt and compression leggings combination (c) Dakilanglaagan
Budol fight after that seven kilometer hike from Banawa to Pamutan (c) Dakilanglaagan

The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen. In solidarity, we continue to pray for healing and recovery of Ramon and Mamino to whom we dedicate this cause. Likewise, we continue to support our brothers and sisters who are also undergoing a massive reconstruction. We can’t say NO to the problems that would come along our way. But we can always fight back and beat the odds. Nothing is stronger than a team working together for a single goal. No one SHOULD fight alone. Let’s continue supporting each other.

No one should fight alone. Join us in this cause! (c) Dakilanglaagan

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