10 Types of people you will meet when hiking

“It is not about the number of days, months or years that you have stayed together. It’s about the moments you have shared together.”


Hiking brings together people of different interests, culture, and personalities. This is one of the things that many hikers look forward upon joining events – getting to know more individuals who love nature and sharing inspiring stories of adventures and travels with them.

These people whom you will meet during hikes will add spice of laughters, tease, aspirations, and misadventures during the whole duration of following and getting lost on trails. Last February 28, I had a chance to join the second pre-climb of Laagan Pilipinas in preparation for their KD2M major climb.

We followed the Spartan Trail route and was supposed to end up at Bocaue. However, the group was unexpectedly invited for a fiesta celebration in Jaclupan; so we backtracked to Campo Kwatro (Camp 4). Though we had to hike for 10 straight hours under the scorching heat of the sun and got drenched under the pouring rain, it didn’t exhaust us much because of the people we were with. Who are these people?

  1. The Harkor

The ‘harkors’ are typically the masters of the trail. It is so easy to spot them – they are usually leading the pack. They are street smart type of people. Instead of following the long trail, they strategize a plan in order to make the route easier and shorter before they go attacking. They take the road less traveled usually finish with flying courses. master trekker

2. The Complete Uniform

The ‘complete uniform’ type of hiker is one of the easiest to spot. Simply look around and focus your attention to those colorful jersey-type of shirts with sponsors plastered at the back. They usually pair these shirts with trekking pants or the classic leggings. To complete their looks, they usually tag along their reliable trek poles and 30-50L backpacks.selfie

3. The Goalkeeper

Goalkeepers are usually silent but deadly. They are the snob of the pack. Their eyes are usually focused on the visuals of the summit and they only have one thing in mind: to put an end to their suffering and ultimately arrive in one piece at the top.

Goalkeepers are the ones who usually pressure the group to go a bit faster in order to follow the schedules and itinerary. Don’t play games with them, they’re not always in the mood to do so.

goal keeper

4. The Selfie Baby

Selfie babies are – as the name suggests – self portrait enthusiasts. These are the people who are usually armed with gopro, smartphones and selfie sticks and take a minimum of 5 to 10 pictures in every spot where there is a view.

When hiking with them, always make sure that your eyebrows are always on fleek and you’re on your best outfit of the day. Smile!


5. The Un-oriented

Believe me, there are people who come to a hiking event without actually knowing what they are headed for; hence, the ‘un-oriented’ type of hiker. They are the total opposite #2. They come without proper orientation about the activity. It’s easy to spot them since they usually deviate from the usual “mountaineering look” of the group.


6. The Grocery Store

I will forever love the ‘grocery store’ type of hiker. You will never get hungry on the road when you are with them. They have all kinds of chocolates, trail food, canned goods and sometimes even bring a portable gas stove for cooking!


7. Blogger Look (Pinablager) 

Bloggers have been on the rise these days – much more in the outdoors, thanks to social media. They are the usual ootd type of people who are masters of posing and taking photos from various angles.


8. The Official Hugotero/ Hugotera

I still don’t know what these hugotero/hugotera have been going through in life. But believe me, despite their “can’t-move-on” punchlines, they are still fun to be with. They never run out of puns to say and are always prepared for an epic comeback.


9. The Soloist / Hitchhiker

I occasionally find myself belonging to this group. And while others still don’t find the wisdom of the supreme independence of having to do things your way, the number of soloists and hitchhikers are growing. Despite the risks, these people simply go to an event without actually knowing anyone and then eventually becomes friends with the rest of the hiking community.


10. The Testing the Waters

It surely takes one to know one. The ‘testing-the-waters’ type of hikers usually fall in the “man-of-few-words” category. In short, those types who do not talk too much in the group. They are usually the soloist/ hitcher but loves to contemplate with nature; but the most interesting part about these type is that when they get comfortable with the group they become unstoppable!


So, to what group do you belong? Share. Share. Share! Let’s get to know more on some of these hiking individuals on Facebook and Instagram!

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