Here’s why it’s okay to NOT VISIT ALL TOURIST SPOTS in Coron, Palawan

3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
The astounding lagoons of Coron, Palawan (c) Dakilanglaagan


Coron, Palawan is bursting with so much natural beauty. From lakes to its astounding mountaintops, coral gardens, shipwrecks, and pristine white sand beaches, it is of no wonder why it was hailed as Travel + Leisure Magazine’s “World’s Best Islands”. Coron is no doubt, the best island in the world. This is the reason why many tourists would choose to spend weeks and months in this paradise island to make the most of the trip.But not everyone is blessed with an understanding boss, or enough time and budget to stay in Coron, Palawan. In fact, a four-day trip is considered a luxury for some. Hence the inability to visit all the tourist spots in Coron, Palawan. No worries though because there is no competition on this. Sometimes, the call for immediacy to visit all tourist spots prohibits us from witnessing the real exquisiteness of the places we go to and appreciating the beauty that nature has to offer. So take your time and make the most of every moment.

Places to visit and Things to do in Coron, Palawan

We didn’t get to visit all the wonderful places around Coron but we sure had fun doing the following things on the places we visited:

  • Hike Mt. Tapyas
3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
Scenic view of Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Palawan (c) Dakilanglaagan

Getting around the town of Coron easy. Just hire a tricycle, then you’re off to go. But if you want to witness an astounding view of the town with the alluring sunset at the background, hike up the stairs of Mt. Tapyas and see paradise unfold in front of you.

Tip: If you are up for an early morning jog, Mt. Tapyas is also a great destination to sweat out.
  • See the enchanting beauty of Kayangan Lake
3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
Picturesque view of Kayangan Lake (c) Dakilanglaagan

A trip to Coron won’t be complete without witnessing the most photographed view of Kayangan Lake. It is literally postcard worthy – no wonder it will automatically pop up in the search engine the moment you type “Coron”. Going to the lake require a short hike, shorter than hiking Mt. Tapyas though. It is often crowded because like us, many visitors would like to take a memorable photo of this scenic spot.  So instead of forcing our way into the line and getting grumpy, we proceeded to the lake and enjoyed our swimming session. Great choice though because we upon going back to our boat, there were only a handful lining up so we had the chance to still capture aerial photos of Kayangan Lake.

  • Dive into the underwater realms of Barracuda Lake
3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
Mermaiding in Barracuda Lake (c) Dakilanglaagan

Barracuda Lake may sound creepy but the underwater realms of this fresh water lake is superbly magnificent – feels like you are in the mountains of the movie Avatar (underwater edition HAHA). Because of this many divers flock in the area (we even witness an underwater prenup photoshoot) to experience the underwarter beauty of Barracuda Lake. We on the other hand, took the time to paddle around using the raft hospitably provided to us by one of the locals. Such splendor spent with great comrades.

  • Experience extreme adventure by swimming the hidden lagoons of Twin Lagoon
3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
Twinning to the Twin Lagoon of Coron, Palawan (c) Dakilanglaagan

Lagoon here, lagoon there. Lagoons everywhere. But among all lagoons in Coron, one stood out from the rest because of its unique characteristics: a limestone wall separating the waters into two lagoons. Hence the term Twin Lagoon. Since it was a low tide, we were fortunate to experience swimming through the archway of the limestone that connects the two lagoons. During high tides or when the current is quite strong, guests are asked to climb up the archway and view the lagoons on both sides.

  • Unveil history by snorkeling into WWII Japanese Skeleton Shipwreck
3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
WWII Japanese Shipwreck (Skeleton Wreck Dive) (c) Dakilanglaagan

Unknown to many, Coron played a vital role in the world war. According to our guide, many ships hid among the limestone islands of the archipelago. However, upon noticing that these ‘islands’ move away from their previous posts, the American Navy strike force and bombed these Japanese supply ships. For adventure seekers, diving into the insides of the shipwreck is cool. But for non-divers, looking at remains of these ships is an experience of its own already.

  • See the rich marine biodiversity of Coron’s Coral Garden
Barracuda Lake
Underwater snap at the Coral Garden in Coron, Palawan (c) Dakilanglaagan

Locals know best. Coron’s Coral Garden is not actually not part of our itinerary, however, it was highly recommended by our boat guide. So we had enough of those shipwrecks, we were brought to a nearby coral garden with incredible visibility of the underwater biodiversity.

3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan
Underwater snap at the Coral Garden in Coron, Palawan (c) Dakilanglaagan
Note: Many tour agency in Coron don’t include this part of the islandhopping as it is located in the southwestern part of Busuanga (quite far from Coron town). Nonetheless, if you are really into diving, this is surely a must visit spot.
  • Enjoy fun photo shoots in CYC Beach
Coron Youth Club Beach (c) Dakilanglaagan
CYC Beach in Coron, Palawan

If not now, when? It’s about time to flaunt those swimwear you’ve been itching to wear for months. CYC or Coron Youth Club Beach is the only tourist destination that requires no entrance fee among visitors. It is a perfect swimming destination for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan

We didn’t get the time to visit all of the tourist destinations in Coron, Palawan. But we sure enjoyed ourselves. And I guess, that gives us more reason to revisit this island paradise once again. Have you been to Coron as well? How was your experience? What places did we miss? Share them to us to give us more reason to come back to this spectacular island paradise!

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Flights are available daily from Manila and Cebu going to Busuanga airport in Palawan. From there, you have to ride a jeepney or van going to Coron proper. If you are visiting El Nido, Palawan, you may also take the eight-hour passengers’ boat from El Nido to Coron or the new boat routes direct from Puerto Princesa, Palawan and Manila.

3D21 Tour in Coron, Palawan


There are tons of DOT accredited agencies in Coron, Palawan. But if you are tight on budget and wants to save a little, you may opt for Travelicious Tours Services. They offer discounted rates from time to time and we got our tour package for only P7,200 all-in (with accommodation, roundtrip van, daily breakfast, town and island tour package, buffet lunch, permits, and travel insurance). You may check them on Facebook for details.

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