The 8 Types of People you will probably meet on your travels

7 types of traveler

It is the nature of most educators to be bubbly; however, when boredom strikes or when you are waiting for a cancelled and twice delayed flight, words no longer become best of friends. It is of these times when I became aware how observant I could be. Our ten days trip on six destinations made me encounter and come along with these common types of travelers.


  1. The Know It All

These are the type of people who never lacks out of comment or something to say to everything that happens. Even when they are not asked to, they automatically emerged into the conversations and speak like preaching the whole liturgical gospel. They can either be a good dose for those who are bored or a source of conflict for those who are easily irritated.


  1. The Venn Diagram

Probably you have encountered on tests during your grade school, high school or college years the type of exam where in you are going to compare and contrast ideas and write it in two overlapping circles. Likewise, the Venn Diagram kind of person is the one who keeps on comparing the places where he or she has been into. They usually use lines like… “When we were in… It is better in…”. And just like the Know it all kind of travelers, they can be both helpful and annoying depending on how you perceive them.


  1. The Gadget Store

I think everyone like to make their travels and adventures memorable. Probably that’s one of the major purpose of cameras – to make memories last even when they only happen in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, we should always keep in mind the proper areas and time to expose those gadgets. We are fully aware that there are a number of people who are secretly eyeing on your things and are just waiting for the perfect moment to own them. It is not necessary to tag along your go pro, laptop, smart phones, tablets and DSLRs wherever you go and intentionally showing them off.


  1. The OOTD

I am an avid fan of the travel-light notion. Of course, it is much easier to move around and to go on adventures without those humungous duffel bags and trolleys but the emergence of #ootd in the social media makes almost all fashion savvy individuals feel like they are obliged to change every hour their outfit just so to show the world their collection of underwear, dresses, sunnies and boyfriends (are they not part of accessories? Kidding). I don’t patronage this lifestyle but I don’t condemn this as well. Probably you can show off your outfit collection but do not make it in an hourly basis. Let’s save mother earth. Let’s conserve water. Or don’t you wash those clothes? Aw? Peace.


  1. The Saleslady

I honestly find these creatures funny and impossible. I am a fan of all Amir Khan movies and I believe you are familiar with the famous “Three Idiots”. There is this one guy on the movie who always completes his sentences with the price of the material that he owns. I always thought that those kinds of people do not exist in real life. Just imagine my amazement when I met them, yes they are many, in real life. They are the kind of people who are so particular with the brand of tanning lotions, sunscreens, swimsuits, and bags that they use that they always, let me repeat, always give out the price of their possession without being asked to. I literally have a hard time figuring out if they are just stating the price for me to know or they are actually selling the item without me knowing it.


  1. The Backpacker

These are the ones whose lives are very much dependent to their bags. Why? Because it’s their second home. Almost everything that they need throughout their journey is there compacted on their 40 to 60 Liters bag. Name it; they have it (water, towel, food, medicine, clothes that is good for a month and books). They are also the kind of people who values time so much. Their pacing is usually fast and they are occasionally left out. Some of them are good to converse with while some are more interested in their adventure than dealing with people in the numbers one to five categories.


  1. The Ultimate Complainer 

As the name suggests, they are obviously the ones who never runs out of comment and complaints. They always have something to say to everyone they encounter and usually contains not so good content. They usually don’t have something good to say so better stay away from them – they are of no good use and convenient.


  1. The Selfie-all-over-the-body-in-every-corner

The last type of traveler is the most renowned of its kind. They are easy to catch because we usually find ourselves on their shoes. However, upon observation, I think there are three levels of these selfie addicts:

  • Mild takes pictures every once in a while. They usually take selfies in places with good backgrounds and they are very particular with the lighting and effects they get on the picture.
  • Severe takes at least five to ten pictures in every corner (usually in public places). They are good with editing and very notorious in making their friends like their photos by one by one sending messages to them and asking them to like his or her picture.
  • Needs Special Attention ASAP takes more than ten pictures every minute. They are not that good at editing their pictures but they don’t care. All they ever wanted is to keep posting and posting and posting. They usually take ten to twenty photos in one corner in different angles. They are usually the last ones to leave corners of the places because they obsessed in completing the selfie poses. They usually makes tons of albums that compiles every selfie they make.