“Although people have this innate nature to express themselves in ways they are comfortable of in situations that happens in daily life, most people tend to make up stories or exaggerate normal things in order to impress others. Again, most people tend to impress rather than to express.”

fifty shades 

I’ll admit that I’m a bubbly and overly crazy animal. However, this animalistic behavior I have only goes out when I am in my comfort zone – and by that comfort zone, I mean by that are the people I am attached to, related with and deeply acquainted with. Now, when I am surrounded with people I am not comfortable with, my second identity immediately emerges within me – the meek and listener part of me. And it is through this time that I realize the different shades of people. With “shades” I mean the behavior, attitude and simple gestures done by people which exactly say what kind of individuals they are. Listed below are the random things I have learned upon meeting people and getting acquainted, close, and conflict with.

  1. Some people are born with an innate love for material things and they usually find it hard to resist temptations.
  2. Some people tend to imply that they are better than the other.
  3. Some people show that they are well off even if they are not.
  4. Some people claim that they know something even if it’s the first time they encountered the thing, place, people or any other related stuff to this.
  5. Some people weave stories in order to cover-up a lie with another lie in order to prove that the lie is not a lie.
  6. Some people pretend that they haven’t heard of the topic even if they already master or get to familiarize it.
  7. Some people pretend to be so familiar of something in order to get the attention of everybody.
  8. Some people love to joke around but easily get offended when the table turns.
  9. Some people only listen to themselves and their ‘witty’ intuitions.
  10. Some people show that they are strong in order to cover up their own fears.
  11. Some people find it hard to differentiate a joke from a serious matter.
  12. Some people love to break into somebody else’s business.
  13. Some people only show their kindheartedness to people who they think are higher in rank, better in financial status and anybody whom they can benefit with.
  14. Some people are social climber.
  15. Some people only care about how beautiful, intelligent and kindhearted they are.
  16. Some people feel that they are the most of everything in this world.
  17. Some people are crazy enough to think they can achieve whatever they have in mind.
  18. Some people create scenarios in order to have people’s attention towards them.
  19. Some people really love the spotlight and do everything in order to achieve it.
  20. Some people are good when you are in front of them and suddenly grows fangs, tails and horns when you are not proximal to them.
  21. Some people are hard to please.
  22. Some people have beauty that shows off only when the light is off.
  23. Some people love to plan but lacks initiative to put them into action.
  24. Some people are parasites.
  25. Some people are insensitive to the needs of others.
  26. Some people are so full of themselves.
  27. Some people are not worth fighting for.
  28. Some people claim that they influence other people.
  29. Some people love to borrow things which they are not capable of returning.
  30. Some people are crazy enough to put plans into action.
  31. Some people love to complain even if they haven’t done anything in order to put a solution to the problem.
  32. Some people keeps on thinking about their positions rather than the heavenly treasures they have.
  33. Some people are afraid to try something new.
  34. Some people find it hard to move on.
  35. Some people can’t forgive.
  36. Some people are born with the super ability to mess up with other people’s head.
  37. Some people are born with the ability to put a smile on everybody’s face.
  38. Some people keep on laughing over unusual things.
  39. Some people are hard to please.
  40. Some people claim that they are easy to go with.
  41. Some people think the world revolves around them.
  42. Some people are not aware the things listed here actually talk about them.
  43. Some people just try to formulate reasons and lies that the things listed here have nothing to do with them.
  44. Some people find this list a crazy thing.
  45. Some people do not like you.
  46. Some people give up everything for the love of their lives.
  47. Some people are boring.
  48. Some people act and think exactly the way you do right now.
  49. Some people are just like me – crazy enough to write this.
  50. Some people find this list stupid and useless.

Thank you for reading. Comment below if you find this boring or stupid. I’ll be glad to know how boring and crazy this list is. Rawr.

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